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Pluto Types: Find A Grave & Hop In?

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It's not a grave it's a foxhole you need.
Says mars/venus/jupiter/neptune Scorp stellium in the 6th. I have moon/pluto too, Pluto in 4th.

The episode 6 Band of Brothers 'Bastogne' is about the best way to describe. The focus is about Doc the company medic. One of my favorites.

Also Schindler's List. On repeat. Beautiful film but darkness.

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I say the Serenity Prayer daily. 

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I don't know any different. Been like this my whole life. It can be very painful, but the thing is.... it has to be HUGE pain I think for us to notice. Everything is deep. Everything. 

I watch a lot of comedy. I listen to a lot of upbeat music. Then, every morning I work on a plan to allow my husband to live another day....

My take, looking at that- you are going through a huge deep transformation, and you will not be the same when it is over.

I have been reborn at least 5-6 or more times now. You're going to be stripped of something... not necessarily anything tangible. Maybe the way you think or feel about something or everything..... but there will be change. It's gonna leave a mark. It will hurt. But not in the way a physical pain hurts. 

What I do know.... the person that comes out on the other side is a better version of you. Stoic. Stronger, wiser. 

Some transits jolt us, shake us... this crap... whoa... deep deep deep. Gut churning deep. You might be taking care of terminally ill people.

Looks like you are being prepared for something. You may be being prepared to help people transition and who better prepped for it than... a Plutonian? And if that is actually what will happen ... you will never be the same. 

To hold someone's hand as they are leaving and feel death as they are- and know it is as natural as it was for you to be born... help them so they won't be afraid. I cannot think of anything more precious. 

I remember how you were with Mary. You're being called to do something Elsa. Being prepared. Pluto scrapes and digs and transforms and you have no choice but to do it. 

Instead of dreading it or even seeing it as .... ugh (as I do sometimes) think of it like this... you are being hand selected to do something, a job. You wouldn't be picked if you weren't up for it. 

I do a lot of talking to God and the Angels.... or else I could not cope. 

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Thanks, everyone. The 6th house is Mercurial /Virgo / "I know".  My mind is focused. I thought I knew a lot about trauma and taboo... and I did. But now? It's ridiculous.

The main difference between this and my 8th house is the 6th house is beneath the horizon. It's flyin' beneath the public view.

It's always been like this ^^ for me and people like me but now the situation is simply unfathomable and on top of that, Mercury will drop into the sign, shortly. My ability to discern is off the charts.

But I'm under the wire as you can plainly see.  I see Scorpio as a container and I contain in service.  This is not because I'm great and nice and kind or anything like that. I see no choice!

Thankfully my P moon is above the horizon so I can shoot up flares to the public. But most conversations are private / one on one, because look at the chart!

I also think this it's my destiny. The Little Match Girl.  I see things others can't. I always have but now everything is heightened and I wait to be assumed.

It's a pretty fantastic scenario, really. My natal situation, Pluto's transit through my 12th and now this.   I will write about it as I can.

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This links to the comment I made re: feeling of a standstill, but it's worth exploring descriptions about what is called 'bardo'. I came across it via the psychedelic book written by Tim leary, ram Dass et Al, which was based on the Tibetan book of the dead. They describe phases in a psychedelic experience in which the ego is challenged, also how to support people who are in stages of a trip that are difficult, many of these stages people are experiencing in their conscious lives now, you don't need LSD. One useful takeaway is to remind yourself or others in the middle of difficult passages to not be too attached to the thoughts and visions of the mind during certain stages. Although the mind wants to grip on, to know they're just thoughts (despite their creating feelings) and give them space to move and change. The Bardo is a transitional place or landscape between death and life, it is a hard to bear, like a grief, but it's also a sign of renewal. 

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