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pluto 12th house, 28° cap ascendant - fear of it being too late to save myself

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Hi Elsa,


Fairly new to astrology, I'm literally at a fearful place in my life regarding what I've just come to discover when performing pluto and 12th house search results. Overwhelming amount of things have happened in my life (I'm sure you'll see that in my chart placements somehow) but my main concern is I'm 5 months pregnant and so very scared I'm still going to loose my baby girl or both me and her. Please please please shed some light with regard to what's the likelihood of coming out of this pluto 12th house transformation because right up until this very moment, everything I thought I knew is riding on heavily on whether delusion has taken place over the last 15 years or if the gifts I do believe I have are in fact guiding me In  the right direction. God I hope this makes sense. Much love and thank you in advance xx

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As a fellow Cap rising, I know what it's like to be afraid you are going to mess up your baby somehow.  It's just a fear. 

I suspect the transformation will be occur via the birth itself. In other words, it's already underway and furthermore, both you and your daughter will be fine!

Further, I think you will be a great mother, with your Leo moon and planets, including Jupiter, in the 4th house.

Good luck!

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@elsa thank you so much for your response! I appreciate it wholeheartedly