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New Moon in Leo: July 28, 2022

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New moon in Leo July 28 2022

I don't usually scan new and full moon this far ahead but I'm looking for something... like a trigger of some kind. This is an interesting chart. It's the weak opposition to Pluto but there are also six planets in fixed signs!

What do you see here?

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To me the Sun/Moon are unaspected due to being out of sign with Pluto and Neptune and those outer planets retrograde too: moving apart. It’s also just a few days after breaking away from all planets in one half of he chart.  Maybe new independence (Leo) and thought (Mercury in Leo too) for the individual.  The T-square with Mars/Uranus/NN apex with Saturn and Mercury opposition looks like either a hardening (fixed) or breaking loose (Uranus).  Riots come to mind.

as a person with seven fixed planets I don’t change often but when I do it’s a shift without looking back.