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New moon in Gemini conjunct my Chiron

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Hello all! 

the new moon in Gemini is conjunct my Chiron at 29 degrees degrees Taurus retrograde. It also conjunct my husbands at 1 degree Gemini. 

what does it mean when you have a new moon on your chiron? I’ve googled this and found nothing. Mine is in the 3rd, my husbands in is 7th? 

I’d upload my chart, but it always says my file is to big. 

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Osiris Wife
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Maybe think back to earlier in the week or week(s) prior - did anything surface or resurface money/financial issues or past wounds regarding your possessions, values, resources in your relationship? (You: t.Sun in Taurus - Chiron conjunction) and (He: t.Mercury in Gemini - Chiron conjunction).

The New Moon, might be a time you both put your heads/hearts together to talk about ideas/solutions that may help you both heal or solve the wound/issue that surfaced (New Moon - Chiron conjunction).