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New Moon in Capricorn at 23 Degrees: January 12, 2021  

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Today's new moon in Libra is at 23 degrees. 

That's the January 2021, new moon in Capricorn, also at 23 degrees. 

Got cardinal planets near there?

I do!

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Osiris Wife
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I'm looking forward to this!

So I'll be paying attention to what comes up with the Libra New Moon at 23* today. Whatever it is, will likely continue to build over the next 5 consecutive New Moons that ALL occur at 23 degrees. 

Therefore, I suspect that my New Moon/New beginning story might only fully show itself around the March 2021 New Moon at 23* Pisces ... conjunct Neptune??!!

I don't have the foggiest (lol...pun intended) what this might bring.

Eleanor D
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With my Asc at 22 Virgo, my Jupiter at 24 Scorpio and my Moon at 29 Cancer, I'm feeling the power of this New Moon quite strongly. That, and Uranus squaring my 11th H Sun, Mercury, Uranus stelium. I'm getting a sense of events which have up til now seemed random and intermittent - now tightening up, taking on a form which is coming alive, driving forward. And of many separate strands, seemingly unrelated, slowly coming together, weaving into a whole. Sometime soon, will the big picture be revealed to us all? 

Warped by Wuthering Heights
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Conjunct my Neptune, opposite my Sun, textile my Pluto/Vertex, trine my Jupiter, square my Nodes. Hmm...?

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This hits my chart. Last night/today have been really tough for me.

I'm more concerned with the Mars-Uranus conjunction that will oppose my Pluto, with aspects to my moon and Neptune, later that month. My goal is to purchase life insurance for my husband and me before then. It's been on my to-do list for over a year and it's just one of those things that ends up at the bottom of the list of priorities... but my better half is going to be doing a lot of chainsaw work this winter, and the Mars-Uranus conjunction will fall in his first house. I don't usually make decisions based around astrological events, but I decided that might as well be my deadline (no pun intended.)