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New Moon In Aries: April Fool's Day 2022 - Planets clustered

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New moon aries with clustered planets 2022

I was looking at the April 1st new moon in Aries. That chunk of chart shows all the planets clustered up. To be clear, the item on the right that I cropped out is a node, which is not a planet!

What do you make of this?

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Having the image of somewhat separate department team meetings going on 🙂 especially in my 8, 9, 10 (Aquarius, Pisces, Aries) houses. 

Saturn natal in 8th - just past my Saturn Return now.  With Mars and Venus also there...  I feel like lessons are coming down to the mundane in sharing and possibly making headway with debt on various levels. 

My 9th house has Chiron natally, and Jupiter and Neptune amplify the healing energy, although I'm mindful of self-deception. 

10th I have Natal Jupiter, and this powerful New Moon with Mercury may give back much needed mental energy.  It has seemed that my usual 10th house fortune bestowed by Jupiter through the years was missing.  Or at least - as many would think I AM fortunate, I have not been able to see it or believe it.

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equal chart - Sun Moon will be conjunct my 6th house angle, but Placidus in the 5th still.

 Either system the rest is in my 4th & 5th - 

I am looking for a new home, working on a new creative project, but also searching for full-time work. So, sounds about right


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A couple I know are getting married on that day.

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❤️ ❤️ ❤️ This is EXACTLY on my Natal Moon in Aries, in my house of higher learning, long distance travel, humanitarianism, justice and legal matters. It is also on my mother's Sun/Moon/Venus and her birthday is that weekend. No fooling around there. Hopefully I'll still have her, and if so, I will call her and chat a while.

I have no specific plans but will likely be out and about canvassing in the neighborhood knocking on doors and introducing myself to folks and listening to what they have to say. Maybe I will bake some cookies to take with me.

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This guy’s birthday was yesterday, and all this Aries has him popping off. 😆

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