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New Moon Eclipse & Stellium In Capricorn: Christmas 2019

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I was looking at charts so I could write my newsletter. I mistakenly typed in Dec 26, 2019, and saw this.  It's an eclipse.

That chart is for around midnight on Christmas, or VERY early morning on the 26th.

It's leading us to this on January 12, 2020:

Is anyone looking forward to this?

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No, No,and NO. squares my husbands sun,  Crosses my husbands asc in 12th house, squares my mars and neptune in libra.

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I am, while Saturn & Pluto sit on my DSC (opposing my ASC/Merc/Mars in Cancer), while the Sun, Moon, Jupiter combo sits on my Moon/Jupiter (exactly on my Jupiter, three degrees from my Moon) and exactly opposes my Cancer Sun.  Maybe I'm crazy, but it feels good to me.  I don't have an exact reason why, but I've kept my eyes on it and am working full time to make the most sense & best possible outcome from it, that I can.

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Jupiter goes into my 4th house in Dec. All of this is in my 4th house with Saturn. I have no idea what that much energy will do in my 4th house.  I hope its something good. 

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I am! That new moon is conjunct Jupiter and right on my ascendant!

A spiritual group I participate in says the week around Christmas is a spiritual high point for the last 25 years. They are very keen that we all ‘keep our attention high’ during that week. I am not sure about the details, but will find out and post something as the time approaches. 

As to January... we need to have a special ElsaElsa SpecialEmergencyForum set up for that time; everybody online ready to help or be helped!

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The sun, moon and Jupiter will be conjunct my Jupiter and Neptune, sextile Pluto and trine moon.

I've been under tremendous pressure and stress for years now. Relief is possible from Dec thru Feb of next year.

Keep my nose to the grindstone!

Don't give up everyone! God wouldn't put us through such trials if we couldn't handle them.

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