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Neptune in Pisces - Any Clues?

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Slowly and persistently, Neptune in Pisces has changed my whole world. First it continued its transit in the 8th house but so differently from Aquarius 8th house. It started with dissolving life style, principles and faith bases I built throughout the decades. When it entered my 9th house a few years ago the changes became more profound like moving closer to the sea and connections with other cultures. I didn't speak/write English until then. And now that I've been experiencing all these transits... opposition to Mercury, Mars, Sun and square Saturn and Moon... there's lots of work to be done - Neptune is messing up my everything. Nothing is clear in my life at the moment. On the other hand, I don't feel fear. With a new belief I'm floating through what the universe is presenting me, though at times it can be shocking especially when the fog dissipates now and again. 

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