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Merging Venus and Mars

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I have Venus and Mars conjunct in Gemini at 20 degrees so, the conjunction will be exactly 60 degrees aspect for me that day. It's  also my birthday so l guess l carry that for the year.

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A lovely sextile aspect and merging of both masculine and feminine qualities. I have the natal aspect of that, as mentioned before, and I obviously don't understand how to express them.

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I understand this. My mars is in 0 degrees Aries and my Venus is in Pisces. My mars wants things my Pisces is afraid of. Like boundaries. And not caring if people are upset about them.

Largely, in my case, I find my Mars is in detriment mashed up tightly in conjunction with my Venus. I annoy myself all the time by knowing/wanting things and then being unable to follow through with them.

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