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Mars Square Pluto In Capricorn In The News: Nashville Bombing

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Mars is currently squaring Pluto. The bombing in Nashville is a quintessential example of how these energies combine.

There is the obvious violent (Mars) bombing (Pluto) of a structure (Capricorn), but also the motive for the bombing is suspect.

Mars will continue to square Pluto through the first week of January, 2021.  By then, Mars will be squaring Saturn and Jupiter as it closes a conjunction with Uranus. I outlined this here:

It's going to be quite a month ahead.

What do you see happening out there?

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I see a lot of violent protests during January.  None of this is surprising to me considering what has happened with the election.  Its going to be ugly.

The Nashville explosion was aimed at taking out something in the AT&T building.  Of course, they have a suspect that died in the explosion.  The FBI will concoct some story about why, I'm sure.  We'll never know the truth.