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Mars - Pluto Hard aspects in synastry

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This is true, I've just never really known what to make of the 4th house tbh

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from my own experience (my partners Pluto Scorpio 12h is opposing my Mars/Venus Aries 8th h) is that l felt he could get all devils out of me at times especially in the beginning  of the relationship.

l guess this can be hard until you really get to know each other! until you know how to push each others buttons etc.. For us it was though at times indeed, no violence though just the feeling l had l wanted to explode and ...argh!...but we survived!

So if you love each other this should not be a problem, l think.

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I have a lot of Pluto in synastry between my husband and myself. 

Both of our Venuses sextiles each other's Pluto in synastry. His Pluto squares my Sun/Moon/Mercury, semi-textiles my Mars.

My Pluto sits on his Uranus.

His Sun, Pluto, and Mars sits on my NN.

Our relationship has been magnetic and yet repulsive. Push-pull. A lot of grey areas and incidents between us. A lot of grey areas.

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Hate Pluto/Mars in synastry.  If they hurt you, you feel like blowing their head off.  Pluto is not impulsive like Mars so it's not a combative aspect, until it is.  Someone will blow.  Picture intense rage- screaming at the top of ones lungs..throwing things..breaking things.  Not always does it come out.  It could simmer for an eternity with Pluto.  Depends on the people's level of control and level of consciousness.

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Ive had pluto-mars contacts in many of my past (and current) relationships and find it nearly always adds great chemistry and hot sex sprinkled with soulful emotional intimacy, but if it isn't channeled well can bring destruction. Pluto will bare your soul so if one of you is going deeper with emotions and intimacy (which you can expect to happen with unfair pluto) this can harbor jealousy and mistrust and fuel strange power games to capture the emotions of the other who is perceived as the one in power (the less outwardly emotional or expressive of the 2) which inspires retribution purely for ego resalvage because the other side hits below the belt which forces your emotional boundaries/moral structures to restructure-(signature pluto style). Whats strange is the attraction never fades with time, can even grow stronger, the sex its cathartic like the energy is getting repurposed but it doesn't really go away despite the earth shattering orgasms.


I hope this makes sense.


The double whammy here is probably the most karmic experience Ive ever lived.

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