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Major transits to natal midlife crisis

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The present Jupiter/Neptune conjunction in Pisces affects all folks on some level. But for me, this planetary alignment in the fishes is extra impactful because Jupter/Neptune are conjuct my natal moon and MC in my 9th house. so i'm wanting to know if there's anything i need to be aware of?

And what's adding to the confusion is there are seceral other impactful transits to my natals:

Transit (t) Pluto
natal (n) Mercury in my 7th.

T Saturn
n Venus in my 8th

T Saturn in my 8th
n Saturn in my 2nd.

T Chiron (in my 10th)
n pluto (in my 4th)

T Uranus (in my 11th)
n uranus (in my 4th)

T n node
N Jupiter in my 11th.

So yeah, mid-life crisis in full effect. Help!! I would be greatly appreciate any assistance in understanding these hard transits.

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Welcome, Mooningrid!

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Hello Hello  --  Out of all the transits you listed the only two I would consider to be part of the mid-life crisis time Sat op Sat and Uranus op Uranus.  The reason I say this is because during our 40's we all experience Sat op Sat and Uranus op Uranus.  Now take something like T-Sat conjunct N-Venus  --  not everybody is going to process that transit in their 40's.  Normally, the mid-life crisis transits revolve around the outer planets.

As for Sat op Sat, you are dealing with money houses.  Get your financial affairs in order.  Pay your bills on time, set-up an emergency plan to cover yourself.  It may be time to sit down with a financial planner and map out a plan for retirement.  Don't borrow against your 401(k).  File and pay taxes on time.  Do not allow anyone to take financial advantage of you.  There are times I have seen someone come into an inheritance, (8th house)  BUT the individual has had to wait months and months before they actually see any funds.  You may be asked to co-sign a loan at this time.  Don't do it.  Since the 2nd house is the house of earned income, there could be adjustments to your pay or other benefits.  Since N-Venus is in your 8th house, and N-Saturn is in your 2nd house, do not ever feel you have to buy someone's love.  On the other hand, 2nd house also refers to personal value system.  You always have to be on the up & up  --  this is especially important in personal relationships.  Do not just stick your head in the sand.


RE:    T Uranus (in my 11th)
n uranus (in my 4th)

Did I miss something here?  This should either T-Uranus in the 11th op N-Uranus in the 5th  --  OR  --  T-Uranus in the 10th opposite N-Uranus in the 4th.

If you are seeing T-Uranus in the 11th op N-Uranus in the 4th  --  what you are stating is an out-of-sign opposition.  The orb of influence could still be there, just the energy of a true opposition does not seem to pack such a mighty punch.  If T-Uranus has really moved to the 11th house, count your blessings  --  with modern rulers, Uranus in the 11th house is often viewed as being in it's accidental dignity. 

I will say this about all the craziness that seems to come flying at us in the 40's  --  in your very late 40's, you will have a 4th Jupiter return.  Too many people blow that energy.  They have been so rocked by all the ups and downs over the past 6 to 8 years, they seldom see that the 4th Jupiter return is like having your own personal emergency kit.  It starts the process of healing and smooths the way for your Chiron return at around age 51.

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Hello  --  About the transit of Uranus op Uranus:  I should have stated out-of-house opposition.  By degrees, the orb of influence can still be felt, once the  transit planet moves enough to switch signs or houses, usually the influence is not as strong or well defined.