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Jupiter: Would You Jump Off a Cliff (Figuratively)?

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Osiris Wife
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I am not referring to pushing your luck, a possible undesirable manifestation. But rather when you have faith, strong beliefs in yourself or something and you simply go for it.

With Jupiter in Capricorn, restrictions or no restrictions, you might even become determined to take a chance.

So, would you or have you ever metaphorically jumped off a cliff?

Where's Jupiter in your chart, house, aspects?

What's the Astrology?

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Yes I have! And, more often than not, fallen flat on my face. My 5th House Jupiter (Equal house) is squared by my natal Mars and Moon from the 8th, so that's lended itself to me being a tad over confident and just a wee bit reckless in my faith that "everything will be just fine"... So, I got what was coming to me! ???

I've learnt to be a bit more circumspect these days wrt as to when to take a risk... and I make sure all the safety gear and insurance policies are secured and in place first! Lol ?

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I have and think I always will. And I'm talking big risks based on an internal feeling of faith. Now that I have a family, I'm a little more restricted, but the feeling remains.

My Jupiter is in the 5th, sextiling my Moon (3rd house). It trines my ascendant. It's just so well aspected and in a fun house, how could I not? ?

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Absolutely, yes. That's me, leaping off a cliff in my early 20's.

I feel God has my back. I've always felt that way, even when I didn't have a name for what I was feeling. 

Hey! Anyone who walks out to the highway at 15 years old, without so much as ten cents, or a purse to hold it in...

And then she sticks her thumb out and gets in a car with five men, to get a ride to town and begin her free and independent live. Bay-bee, that's faith!  And it may not even be stupid.

I love this question! Smile

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Yes, I would.... for other people. Jupiter in 7th, square Uranus in 10th and Neptune in 11th. It also trines Neptune, so I have been known to trust blindly in other people, until it becomes apparent, I can't ? 

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Yeeees, definitely ? Jupiter in Sagittarius in the 3-house. I always follow my ideas even if many have not been so inspired... I prefer risking, I'm not afraid of going wrong. My many Virgo planets sometimes make me analyze too much before jumping off the cliff, sometimes it helped, other times it didn't 'cause I just lost time thinking about it, thinking about it, and so on...

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