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Jupiter in synastry

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I think Jupiter is an extremely relevant planet in synastry and natal.... positive jup aspects tend to create genuine acts of kindness and sincerity. I've noticed Jup with aspects to the moon (I have alot of experience with these) even in hard aspect they tend to be beneficial and eye opening. one of my friends has her moon opposite my jup, it creates an almost mother/daughter relationship because she does look to me to walk the thinnest most steadfast line, but even when i fail her she forgives me and we go on, knowing what happened while accepting it and moving past it instead of harboring resentment and anger. The square too, I've noticed a fair amount of co-dependency but when one lashes out and says, "i have to go my own rout" there is such a real amount of understanding and forgiveness between them. with the moon in any contact to jupiter I feel it's always a "I love you and understand you" vibe. Hard aspect or not. That being said, I've noticed how strange and uncomfortable sun square jupiter can be. It's an extremely awkward placement at times. It's been said that sun square jupiter erodes into nothingness which I can understand, as I have great experience with this aspect as well. The sun tends to feel like it can't do right for the jup person who in return feels bad because they are encouraging something from the sun person that they did not intend to. Yeah, but I feel like Jupiter is an extremely defining planet. Much more then people give it credit for... I've notice how people harp about the three big bullies (pluto, neptune and uranus) which makes perfect sense but still... jupiter can be your BEST FRIEND EVER or leave you wondering why you tried so hard in the first place.

I have another good example: My best friend when I was 15-18 had her mars trine my jupiter and my venus square her mars....

how did this work out for me? well, I perceived her mars in an extremely intense way, the woman was a brick house! of coarse she picked up on that jup encouragement and really ran the gauntlet with it. my vision of her strength and urges was magnified, so when she would go mars square venus on me it felt like the most unbearable thing EVER... I felt like nothing could defeat her! the aggression was magnified because I perceived her in that way. jup inflates as everyone knows but I think it's truly understated. We had so many crazy adventures, from vegging out at festivals to setting up at flea markets to planning elaborate puppit shows, I think this has everything to do with mars trine jupiter. it gave us the courage and stamina to live our dreams! jupiter is all about faith, forgiveness, love and persistence. He knows your failings and KNOWS what you are capable of. He's like the daddy everyone prays for!!

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I'm getting interested in Jupiter in synastry too, as of late, mostly to the fact that my SO has his Jupiter right on my South Node, which is something I feel very intensely. It gives me a kind of 'been there, done that, got the t-shirt' feel - his outlook on Life, his standpoints, tend to constantly remind me about where I used to stand in Life years ago rather than pushing me forward. It can be discomforting at times, especially for a Venus/Neptune - Cancer rising emotional sponge like me.
There's also a bunch of positive aspects our Jupiters make in synastry, namely:

  1. Jupiter (mine) sextile Moon (his)
  2. Jupiter (his) conjunct my Venus (wide orb)
  3. Jupiter (mine) trine his Saturn
  4. Jupiter (mine) sextile his Chiron

... but the Jupiter on NN aspect is the one I tend to live more intensely. 

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I've never looked at Jupiter in synastry before, which is weird since its my strongest planet. My three closest friends have their jupiters square my Uranus and Chiron, and my Jupiter does the same for them. Their Uranuses and Chirons were around 10degs and their Jupiters around 20, and mine are reversed, Jupiter at 10 and Chiron/Uranus at 20. Jupiter went retro between our birthdays. Its like we're making up for each other *just* missing having the Jupiter/Chiron/Uranus square ourselves.

I have a lot of Jupiter synastry with my little brother. Mine squares his Mercury and opposes his Venus, his squares my Sun, Moon, and Saturn. I don't feel anything like what you described about Sun square Jupiter synastry Kosloski. I have it natally though so maybe that makes it feel differently to me?

My other brother has his Jupiter on my Chiron and opposite my Uranus. Mine is trine his pluto and sun. My dad's Jupiter is also conjunct my Chiron and opposite my Uranus. With my mom mine is square her Chiron, hers is trine my Chiron (wide orb).

I suppose I should research what Jupiter-Chiron synastry means!! These people are always either a bad influence when  it comes to finances (2H Chiron) or a nagging annoying influence. Except for my Dad. He never talks about my money issues.

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 Interesting... I really don't know why so little importance is given to Jupiter in synastry.

I have Sun (mine) opposite Jupiter (his) with the man I practically worshipped.

My Jupiter sextile his Moon. (Our Moons are conjunct in Gemini)

My Jupiter conjunct his North Node.

Our Jupiter's in each other's my fifth house.

These are just our Jupiter aspects, we have other stuff going on too.

We never got together because he was in a relationship at the time and there were other timing issues.... and it crushed me. But I felt and still feel a huge amount of unconditional love for him. He makes me giddy, the thought of him makes me happy.

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it's a bit like chinese compatibility.


jupiter changes sign in about a year.


ex. rat-dragon monkey are compatible with each other


that's because the jupiters are trine.


jupiter in cap, taurus, virgo.


yeah i know some dragons are jupiter in gem but ideally. 

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Makes me want to look into Jupiter more. I have someone in my life whose Jupiter is conjunct my Sun conjunct Jupiter. I doubt I could ever hate this person no matter what they do and our Venus signs are, Idk.

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