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Jupiter Conjunct Saturn in Aquarius: December 21st, 2020  

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Jupiter conjuncts Saturn every twenty years, give or take.  The next Jupiter Saturn conjunction will take place on December 21, 2020, at zero degrees Aquarius.  This will be something to witness!

There are a lot of different takes on this conjunction. 

What's yours?

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My take is that this is really when we get to fully experience the events that get previewed in March 2020 with Saturn's ingress Aquarius.

Saturn passes 0° Aquarius (alpha energy) thrice next year, but the third time is when Jupiter amplifies things.

Personally, I'm really excited for 2020.

Jupiter-Saturn is likely going to propel us forward in some area of our lives.

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I think we will look back on this conjunction and it's square to Uranus as the watershed moment we see the synthesis of the technological advances that have been happening in isolation. 

1. quantum computer beating the super computer 

2. Neuralink blending of AI and the human brain

3. building fossil feul alternatives based on traveling wave fission and big leaps in the development of Net Energy Fusion.

4. Widespread 5g 

By 2025ish this synthesis generates:

1. the transition from Artificial Intelligence to Articicial General Intelligence

 2 the beginning of replacing fiat currencies with crypto currancies

3. widespread use of Crispr gene editing technology

.....to  name a few

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Geez Jana, you're smart! heart I don't know what half of those developments are or mean!

I think we will see the end of the gas fuelled automobile and the reliance on fossil fuels decline.  Hopefully new energy sources will be developed, but imagine released to the masses very slowly because of the global power of some oil producing countries.

In pharmaceuticals there will be an explosion in designer drugs to treat the widespread autoimmune diseases now that drug patents are lifting.

Being a senior will be cool, sort of.  They are the Woodstock generation after all. 

More people living together because of economic necessity.

Greater separation of church and state.

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I think it's going to be amazing.

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This is a fantastic list! I love each and everything on it! 

Will add widespread use of autonomous self driving vehicles in both industrial (mines, logistics, shipping, warehousing, public transport) and private use (cars and taxis).

I know because i am working on something which will be a tiny part of the overall solution, but makes me so, so puffed with pride and sheer goosebumps! My aqua sun loves being at the forefront of technology.

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