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Jeffrey Epstein: Billionaire Charged With Sex Trafficking

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I say yes.

Transiting Saturn on Chiron is a heart breaker.

And, crushing.

I would feel comfortable moving the Moon a few degrees closer to 15Ari.


See the semi-square of Mars/Venus to the Aquarian Sun??

Transiting Neptune has a secret...

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A hated astrologer (not on this website) predicted that the Saturn conjunct Pluto in America's 2nd house (if you were to prescribe to the Sagittarius rising chart of America) was about the Catholic church or extremely prominent public figures (Capricorn) who were trading currency (2nd house) for child sex trafficking (Pluto). He was talking about old priests (Saturn/Capricorn) and that a lot of people were going to be exposed!

It could be political (Capricorn/Pluto), but it could also just be older men (Capricorn) who were abusing children for sex (Pluto) through trafficking (2nd house). Money, money, money (2nd house)!

Again, no one speculating knows anything for sure. Again, it could just be political figures and it could also be religious figures, or both.

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I think he's going to talk, based on his Aries moon, alone. He comes first.

The exact Venus Mars conjunction in Pisces trine Uranus is telling.

Also, the Saturn Pluto transit to his Mercury (and Chiron, Moon and Saturn) will be epic, but as far as timing, I would focus on Mercury.

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A rather bizarre angle I’ve noticed in the last few days is that there were a few billionaires (4 that I heard of) that suddenly died (physically or figuratively like in this case). While 4 people dying is not a phenomena in itself, the billionaire part stands out. 

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Yeah... Like him getting a plea deal in Florida even though they had tons of evidence. 13 months and registering as a sex offender. WTF

He's super rich and probably felt invincible because he still had tons of naked pics of young girls in his NY home.

He had people working for him facilitating getting these girls to him. Wouldn't be surprised if they talked.

So disgusting.

Wonder what he was doing money wise. I read that there's no actual trail of the buying of his home in NYC. I think it's valued at 56 Million. How do you just hand over such a home?

So sketchy!

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Ya, a recent helicopter crash killed top coal business folks.

This reminds of the Sandusky ordeal, how things eventually become publicly ignored, lightly lambasted when needed and still practically supported.

This be a terrible wish but him ratting might right some wrongs. Victims may not wish to confess, understandably.

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