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Is the Queen in danger?

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Miles B
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I was reading a random astrology article from 2014 about the House of Windsor.  I learned that The Queen recently endured a Pluto opposition transit, and now has the January conjunction of Pluto/Saturn on her 21 Capricorn Ascendant.There are other “House of Windsor” 22 degree placements interacting, through family ties.  Quite a lot.  

I just have a bad “feeling”, and I don’t want to say death, but she’s no spring chicken.  Charles isn’t exactly “strong”.  This could get messy.  Brexit, etc?  

Maybe the staff here could include the Queen in their ongoing coverage of the Pluto/Saturn conjunction??  rnIts really interesting.  It could make really great reading?  Unfortunately I’m not an experienced astrologer, and I can’t begin to understand the potential cascading effects this could bring about.  

I’m also a little personally invested with my own 22 Cap Asc taking a beating.  I’m sitting in surgical recovery.  My jaw and teeth.  I had my date moved up, unexpectedly to the 5th. While in recovery I read of Elsa’s surgery.  Glad she’s up and running again!  I’m doing great too.  Same day.  Lol.

In closing this, I worry for the Queen and the continuation of “The Empire”.   This transit is harsh, deep and I feel there’s no choice.  Just like “surgery”.  Thanks for reading everyone. Best wishes Elsa!!  

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Apparently she's gone to a few events in recent years not wearing the traditional crown, and instead wearing a lighter headpiece. There seems to be speculation around her health due to this. 

She has refused to wear it once before, in 1974, but in the past two years it's been more than once. Given her age (93) and the crown's weight (3 lb.) It's not that surprising that she's probably losing the physical strength to wear it. 

Pluto and Saturn are crossing her Ascendant in the next couple of months. Uranus passed over her Taurus Sun last year. Should be interesting to see how this affects her as well as the Royal Family. 

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Here is the Queen's chart. Think of all of the changes she has seen since 1926. Uranus retrograde towards her Sun is a little worrying for sure.


Osiris Wife
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The Monarchy will never be the same; likely, an end of an Era.

The Queen has p.Sun changing signs and squaring n.Sun around the time of Saturn-Pluto conjunction right near her AC.

I looked at all their charts once, and the Queen's p.Sun shifting to 0°Leo soon, impacts all of them, especially Prince Charles, Andrew, William and Harry. They all have planets at 0°-1° of a fixed sign, except Andrew who had something in Pisces at 0°.

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Well, Uranus is in Taurus.....

rj smith
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I think that, with transiting Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn = the Queen's ascendant, what this suggests is that the whole British monarchy or what we think of it, will eventually be drastically revised. Perhaps there will be some changes made to the successor to the throne, in this case, Charles, or maybe some very unexpected decisions and events.

In any event, I don't believe that western astrology can be used to predict the death of a person, in advance. So, we cannot say, for sure, when the Queen will meet her demise. However, with the planets most associated with death (Saturn and Pluto) conjoining and transiting the natal ascendant and entering the first house of the Queen, can "death" be far away ? Obviously, if the birth time for Elizabeth is correct, then some Saturnian/Plutonian event is imminent, but we still cannot speculate about a person's death, even a celebrity like QE2.

The Queen is more than just the Queen. She represents the "old England," including the British aristocracy, the House of Lords, and perhaps, the old British Empire. But the point of Pluto in Capricorn is about the transformation of the British Empire (and all authority figures, in general) into something completely different than what is now.

With Uranus in transit, in Taurus, conjoining the natal Sun of Elizabeth, and conjoining the natal Moon of Charles. that is an upsetting of the proverbial applecart, right there?

Already, the cracks in the Windsor family castle are starting to show, with Prince Harry revealing his he and his brother don't see eye to eye on things, while the wife (Meghan) admits that being the wife of a royal has caused her to have severe mental health issues.

Then, it was recently announced that Harry and Meghan would be on a leave of absence during Christmas 2019, essentially running away from the public during Christmas !  I've never heard of a royal family member, anywhere, say that, have you ?

Earlier this year, it was rumored that Prince William had an affair with the best friend of his wife, Kate. That may well explain the rift between William and his brother.

Then, only yesterday, (Nov 18th) Prince Andrew made a rare media appearance on national television to reveal that he had never bedded a teenaged associate of Jeffrey Epstein, even though the woman, now in her 50's, insists that Andrew's version of the facts are not true.

Epstein, who allegedly ran a celebrity bawdy house and hired young women for that purpose, committed suicide earlier this year, but the royal family has had to endure a series of unexpected embarassments and the rollercoaster ride (as suggested by the transit of Uranus in Taurus) doesn't seem to end anytime soon.

As far as assassinations of the British Royal family go, there is a precedent for that, as back in the 1980's, Lord Louis Mountbatten was killed in an explosion that was allegedly pre-arranged by the I.R.A. (The Irish Republican Army).

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