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How would you know based on the chart, someone's life lessons?

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If you look at my chart, I have 8th house moon, outer planet stellium in the 4th house, sun in the 10th house opposing this stellium. 

As others have pointed it, it is for my strength and to love myself, that I matter.

If I analyse other people's charts, do the signs of the planets count, or the house have more emphasis? 

Pardon me for my ignorance, a libra 10th house stellium(sun, merc, sat, neptune) and uranus squaring that from house 7th in cancer, jupiter in house 5, south node in house 8 conjuct pluto could be this individual is learning about the social atmosphere or learning through others?

Moreover, a sun, moon in Sagittarius stellium may indicating this individual is learning about having a philosophy for life? Learning to be more positive?

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Saturn by sign, placement and aspects gives a good indication of the restrictions and burdens in your life. Also the North Node is the direction of growth in your life.