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How to deal with people who won't acknowledge reality?

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Lately I was in a situation where the person acknowledge a part of the reality, the part that that person felt comfortable to acknoledge or it's just what she could perceive, but not the real problem. It could be seen as achkoledgment, but it's just a pretext for faking/ fake acknoledgment. Acknoledgement for the wrong part/ side of the story if not acknowledgement... 

I tried to delicately point the problem as I didn't want to hurt back (a tendency I can have when I'm attacked and hurt), it was dismissed. So, I have to learn once again reality is different colors for each person... I feel hurt to see the person can't see reality - as the reality implied much emotional damage for me, but there's nothing I can do. I was never in a situation like this. Totally new for me and related to someone I held very dear for years. Really sad as I did not deserve so much anger and harshness... so if someone can't see & acknowledge such behaviour as inappropriate and only finds excuses, as sad as this is... I also have to pull away as she already did it. I have a soul inside to protect from toxic behaviour.

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