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How is Mercury square Neptune Challenging You?

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Mentally I have felt like I have been in a fog for years. the transit is opposite my jupiter and mc. I used to be quite a detailed person, not anymore. I dont think I could manage anything even if I tried which I have no desire to do.

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The Sun, Moon and Mercury are in my 8th. Neptune is in my 12th.

This makes a sextile and inconjunct to my Libra Moon. As if she hasn't been roughed up enough. None of my other personal planets are affected.

With the Kraken breaking up, I figure I'll find another job soon. I already had a few dropped, missed or lost communications about jobs and interviews. This is driving me nuts, but I know it's part of a trend that's ending.

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I have Mercury conjunct Neptune natally (11th) and a Pisces 3rd house.

t. Mercury is in my 12th and t. Neptune is in my 3rd house. ha. ha. ha.

Weirdly I feel mentally sharper than I have felt in a long time. My body is tired though.

It's hard to keep up with the flood of information, misinformation, aaaaahhhhhhh. shiny chicken That includes info while I'm asleep AND awake and possibly time travel LOL. Whew.

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