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Hey Elsa, wondering if you could help with this

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Ok so I'm a Scorpio, Moon in Gemini, Leo Rising, Mercury in Libra, Venus in Virgo, Cancer in Mars and I'm into this Taurus man, with his Moon in Cancer, Taurus in Mercury, Aries in Venus Aquarius in Mars. We both are into each other, I've told him, he's told me, we flirt a lot. I mean it's pretty obvious, this isn't in real life this is online, we've talked to each other, we both met through his close friend, and we've only known each other for 3 days, most likely 4 days now. We haven't asked each other out, by that I mean he hasn't asked me out, and I'm ok with that, but he is crazy about me, there is proof that he is. What I'm asking here is, do you know what I could do to make him like me more?? What might set him off and make him want to stop what we have going on?? And would we be ok together?? Like a good healthy relationship?? I don't know if you give advice on the or not, but I'm really curious and in need of help Scorpio smiley Taurus smiley   Oh and what should be avoided to not make him mad or upset you know


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Janice, I don't know the answer to this. I'd have to see both charts and look into it. I charge for that. But I can tell you this: if the goal is to provoke action, you want to look at his MARS.

Welcome to the forum and good luck! Smile