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Harsh Mercury Mars Retrograde

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Mercury and Mars are retrograde. Both are aspected by outer planets. Insane pain is all around. Others are just insanely "stuck".

Personally, I have been dealing with what I think is a kidney stone for weeks now.  I am currently drinking 100 oz of water a day, trying to flush it out.  Good luck to me - it's not happening!

It's also not the best situation, since we'll be a attending a funeral for a child today. It's just the worst. This kid's 17th birthday was yesterday.

The father works with my husband, so he will know a lot of people at the funeral but I only know one man, besides my husband. I don't really feel like meeting people at a funeral. I mean, for Godsakes.

I have never been to a funeral for a child before. My chest feels crushed. It's a significant drive to the chapel so this is going to me a long, sad, day.  And I can't see beyond it right now.

All of this stuff just speaks of the frustration powerlessness. I can't wait for a new day.

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Thank you so much for telling me I'm not alone, Elsa!

Well, I have more or less a diagnosis for my health problem. It's like comfrey ointment for finger pain in January created a lump on my finger that triggered other problems...However, I had to discontinue part of my treatment (scar tissue cream unhelpful) because now I have constant pins and needles pain...

I hope the massage therapist will help on Tuesday. And I'm seeing a gynecologist...And it looks like two surgeries are very likely.


I hate this. It's like getting back to health and fixing a health mistake is not straightforward at all...

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I am sorry you are experiencing this Mercury Retrograde like this. It certainly does seem harsh for you, me and many people. I do not see any way but through....and that means we will get a new day at some point, But in the meantime it if a hard, seemingly calcified pain. I wish you well. I am dealing with a court situation in which the other side submitted and altered document to the court to force the case to proceed and not be thrown out of court, as well as win. I feel stuck. In your situation, I hope the water starts working! I also pray for the parents. This must be soul-crushing.