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Harmonious Aquarius?

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RE:  Aquarian elitism  --  interesting choice of descriptive.  Maybe due to past personal relationships, I would have used "elitism" for a Saturn Capricorn.  Unfortunately, I have been on the receiving end of Saturn Aquarius in the form of Aqua arrogance.  

That observation about Aquarians pairing up with earth signs,  I have come across a lot of Aquarians with either a Cap or Virgo partner.  No on Taurus.  Could be they are both so incredibly stubborn, they would drive each other nuts.

They sure can be interesting folks.

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I have been thinking about this. I have Sun and Mercury in Aquarius. Perhaps we are mistakenly seen as “harmonious” because we’re willing to walk away from conflict. I feel like a lot of arguing is just boring to me, for example fighting over politics or “Who’s the greatest football player of all time” stuff. This can be mistakenly perceived as valuing harmony, “agreeing to disagree” for the benefit of the collective, when in reality we don’t care if someone disagrees with us because we’re confident that we’re right. (Which can be wrong, of course, but that’s the thinking.)

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maybe it's my virgo placements but i noticed that those with libra like to argue alot. lol  and those with lots of pisces run away. sorry but it's just something i have seen and experienced with family friends and colleagues. 

i've only seen aquarius married with water signs, but that's not including my father who has the worst horrible marriage with my mother. everyone agrees the toxicity is terrible. Even that Aquarius actress who played an Aquarius in "Anna Delvy"  is an aquarius sun and mars and married to a pisces. So is Ophrah Winfrey who is with a Stellium pisces with sun pisces and stellium aries. I dont see many who marry earth signs. Mozart Amadeus who had Cancer mars, virgo rising did marry a Capricorn woman. Who took care of his affairs. I think he needed a bossy woman who can help him.

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I know a double Aquarius who is very harmonious on the surface - a people pleaser because of the upbringing that forced her to be so. But in her closer relationships, the harmony appears to be very hard to maintain. Very hard to accept criticism is one of the major things I see

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