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Generational Aspect Transit Pluto Square Pluto

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My husband has this transit applying now (just beginning phase 1, in the list provided by @Osiris_Wife). My Venus opposes his Pluto, and I think our relationship is the pressure cooker. We've both grown a lot since we met and started a life together (going on 5 years!) Just recently he quit drinking. He went from borderline alcoholic, to "drying out" for a month, to "I don't like drinking anymore!" He's like a new person. He's always had a ton of energy, but now he's more positive and so much easier to get along with. He has also stopped talking about his ex-fiance so much. He was really traumatized by what she did to him (got pregnant with someone else's baby, after their wedding invitations had been sent out.) He dodged a bullet with that one and he knows it, but it was still hard for him to let go completely... Bye Felicia!

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I'm currently coming out of phase 2, T. Neptune square N. Neptune, and the landscape is still foggy. I'm aware I have lost something of myself during the 1st Pluto square stage, but can't yet assimilate what that is. I did give up smoking during this period, too.

I can feel the Uranus square approaching, because it's currently on my IC, causing chaos, giving me a flavour of what to expect.

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