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Do you pay special attention to the transits of your chart ruler (ruling planet of your Ascendant)?

I'm a bit slow on the uptake (Taurus rising), but after well over a decade of studying astrology, I have JUST RECENTLY decided to actively do this, and pay special attention to my Venus transits. It took me a long time to start actively looking at Moon transits too even though I'm a Cancer sun, and I've been called out on that! But I'm glad I've done that too.

Anyway, what I've found so far looking at Venus transits is interesting. Venus is going to enter my 11th house in February and there happen to be a ton of meetups going on that I will be able to attend. So that's on the books! And this past month with Venus in the 10th, I've started doing job interviews at state agencies, hoping to find a position that pays more, but I'm also receiving an additional longevity pay raise.

I have a feeling that if I try to actively live my life by Venus transits, it's likely to work out better for me than any other planet, just due to being a natural fit. How about you and your chart ruler?

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Saturn-ruled. I find if mind Saturn transits, things go okay!

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Pluto ruled.

I've been tracking this guy for a while, and he gets a pretty bad rep for being brutal, but I love him!.

The only two relationships I've ever had both started when t.Pluto was exact degree n.Sun-Moon midpoint.

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I'll have to pay more attention to Jupiter transits. When the planet turns retrograde, I really feel it.

My Sun is Venus-ruled. Last time it turned retrograde, I got several new clients. 

Hades Moon
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I’ve had my chart ruler Neptune, transit my first house, and square my natal mars in the tenth, for what feels like forever!. Boy, does this aspect attract con artists/ deception. I feel like I have to have my wits about me 24/7, which can be challenging with all of Neptune’s fog.

I absolutely agree that we should pay special attention to what our ruling planet is up to.

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