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Family Karma

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Wow @opal... that's interesting!! Cheers for that!

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I'll have to check out that book, Opal. Thanks!

This person has an 8th house Sun, Venus and Mercury. IC in Cap with Saturn in the 4th.

I have Saturn in the 4th and an 8th house stellium and have found myself embodying this "family karma" but I have been around this family my entire life.

We both also have Pisces Moons which makes me think of the 12th house.

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I definitely feel some family karma. I think I know what I need to do to break a few curses.

-be careful with my ambitious streak.

-I must reconcile my authoritarian side and my rebellious side.

-I must learn if and when to embrace, persist or let go of a philosophy, ideology or belief

-balance my outer world and my inner world

-assert myself in a healthy manner while still dealing with other people.

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My family believes we have a curse. We are superstitious Italians, afterall... We need something to be impassioned about other than the weather, lol.

My Great Grandmother came from a wealthy family, and she married out of blood. The story goes that she was disowned for her action and a curse was put on her.

12th house stellium baby, 8th H Mars. Lots of Cancer going on.

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I don't think family karma is fair. Why should a kid pay for what their ancestors have done?

So, no. I doubt that it can logically exist.

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Moon in 12th. I feel like I have the emotional karma, going back 1,000's of years. I'm not joking.

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