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Equal House vs Placidus

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This is one of the many reasons I use Equal Houses.

What do you think?

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I tend to think of house systems as filters on a camera. They all depict a single image in slightly different ways, and even the plain filter stands between the viewer and reality. The object remains the same.

Northern placidus charts are interesting and     in cases like these, I wonder if there actually is a truly dominant area of emphasis in someone’s life based on where they were born. Other house systems would tell a somewhat different, but equally true story, and they might be more effective depending on what the astrologer wants to do or see, but I wonder if at some level there is a super emphasis on the home and career for this person.

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@buendia “…I wonder if at some level there is a super emphasis on home and career for this person.” I’ve considered this too. 

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I use Placidus because that's the system I learned on regarding astrology.

For the axis, are the degrees for the angles the same no matter what house system is used?

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I had a girlfriend (now deceased) who was a whiz at the mathematical area of Astrology, not so good (at all!) on interpretations.  She researched the various systems and said the most mathematical correct system was Koch, so that is the one I use.  I think equal house system is fine (personally) if you do not know the time of a person's birth.  (However, I invariably try to rectify the birth time & do it by Koch!)