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Your posts have been interesting to me as well nikell, you are asking interesting astrologically relevant questions.

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Yep, I have been described as a "sponge." Cancer sun, moon & mercury, Cancer moon square Libra Neptune. Pisces Mars. I almost feel like I can "see through" people to WHY they behave the way they do. It's almost always pain or fear, if it's a negative behavior, I think. Makes it easier to feel compassion rather than the usual Cancer "taking it all personally." I did that when I was younger, big time, but now I just figure if someone is nasty to me,  they are scared or hurting (or just exhausted!) and it's their defense. If I meet with a total stranger who is hurting, I know it and try to say something that makes them feel "seen" in a good way - appreciated. It's amazing how people light up and look relieved just to be noticed.

Something I always felt was a curse when I was young has turned into a coping skill. I guess SOME good things come with age. wink

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That's cool.. I wonder if our different signs and aspects give us similar feelings of empathy. Since I have no Cancer but a lot of neptune/pluto. I'm glad you look at it in a positive light now. 

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My mom told me there was a line of empaths in her side of the family from Germany.  I’m told the empath could pray over a sick person and be able to cure them by taking on the illness him/herself.  It was something that had to be passed down from generation to generation and only from a man to a woman to a man, etc.  Eventually the line got broken.  I do still have a German prayer that one of my relatives wrote out for me that is related to it somehow...I don’t know what it says, but I used to carry it around for good luck.  I’m a little fuzzy on the details, since it was a while ago that my mom told me all of this.  She actually seems kind of embarrassed by it now, even though I think it’s pretty cool.

As for the astrology, I think it’s shown by my 12th house Moon.  As far as I know, the 12th house can make the Moon kind of lose its boundaries and become porous. The Moon can also show the mother’s ancestral line, I think, so that symbolism fits as well.  Anyway, I don’t consider myself to be an empath or psychic in general, but I would say I’m sensitive (I also have Sun conjunct Neptune).  I’ve had only one experience where I felt I was truly feeling another person’s feelings.  It felt like moving electricity, for lack of a better way to describe it.  If you've ever had someone touch your arm or something like that and felt a jolt, it was similar to that.  I had a bunch of contacts in synastry with this person, but the most relevant one was probably my Sun in his 12th house.

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