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There are all types (astrology) that are empaths. Look up Judith Orloff MD online...she's an empath and psychiatrist. She has many books and is on facebook; there's an empath support group under her name. Depending on where you live, there are various local groups she has listed in the fb group files.

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Interesting. I know there has to be some people out there in astrology that is simar. Maybe relating with others with help me find some relief. Thank you! I’ll check her out 

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Also an empath.

I have moon in 12th, conjunct the ascendant.  Feel very drawn to healing work.

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Yes. Sun ,mercury and Saturn 12th house . Mars and Neptune in libra. I can feel a persons energy , and very sensitive to it. 

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anonymoushermit said
Haha, my bias was showing when I posted this. Actually, there are a lot of good therapists out there. I just had two bad experiences with two therapists. A person's bias can unconsciously come out sometimes!  

no it's not bias, it's a fact that most therapists are bad at what they do.  Here's an interesting video of 

A Former Therapist's Critique of Psychotherapy

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I do analyze and understand people's emotions very well (even if they don't like to admit or I can't properly put it to words myself), almost immediately at many times. I attribute this to my 8th house placements and Pisces placements, mostly. My Pluto and Neptune are also dominant. However, one thing is that I always feel like I get deja vu! Like, I will have a dream about something and months later I feel that exact situation starts to happen word for word, action for action and it is almost like I can anticipate everything everyone will say and do in that moment. It sounds so weird and it is weird. I don't really believe in being able to predict the exact future we end up in but I think it is possible we can foresee detailed future paths we end up on, based on our current situations. I often have dreams doing such things. 


Also, I don't really know about the thing with Cancers being very empathetic or empaths. I noticed Cancers are very good with analyzing their personal emotions and understanding their personal emotions but not so good with doing the same with others?

Like, they overanalyze and sometimes underestimate other peoples' emotions and thoughts, leading to poor judgments on their behalf. Lots of second guessing with them, they can be very dense and naive to what people are truly trying to say or feel because they would prefer it to all turn out the way they feel it should, in a happy and self-focused way (but that is not always how it is or should be, when it comes to our emotions).

I think that many Cancers do not know how to properly utilize the emotional capacities they can be given. They often make poor judgments emotionally when it comes to others, so as to avoid conflict that will harm themselves. Frankly, the most empath-like people I've seen are Pisces, Scorpios, and shockingly Gemini at times.


To clarify, I think that many Cancers are very emotional but not very empathetic. These are two very different things. One is more self-focused and the other relies more on selflessness. I think being Cardinal and ruling under the 4th house makes Cancer very emotional but not so empathetic, as they would rather protect their emotions from then sit down and reflect on others'. The 4th IS the lowest point of our chart, it is the most hidden from others. You know, a crab tucking itself back into its shell when things get dangerous and exhausting. 

To have empathy, you must put up with this exhausting and dangerous stuff, be selfless and not be afraid of risking one's own emotional state for the sake of connecting one to one with others. I do think many modern astrologers confuse the word empathetic and emotional when they speak of Cancers. Neither is good or bad or better or worse, but I think there is confusion present when speaking of Cancers. 

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