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Empath: a person with the paranormal ability to apprehend the mental or emotional state of another individual.

I feel like a lot of people involved in astrology might have similar traits of deeply wanting to help people or relating to people in a different way than most. Does anyone else feel they are an empath? I discovered this word the other day & never knew there was a term to explain it. I've felt I was an empath since I was very young, from watching my parents, friends and sibling suffer. Does anyone else feel this way? Or does anyone else know of any alignments in the birth chart that may correlate? 

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I’m not an empath.

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Yeah, I started a thread on this, not many volunteered but, I find the area interesting.

I do have 'psychicness' but not the immersion empaths feel. Very often I get stuff from people psychicly (or could be subconsiously picking up body language etc.) that completely changes my view of how I think someone sees me or a situation.

I do tend to think that since astrology is so metaphysical as people look at it and take in the planets they continue to exercise those senses hence are more likely to be empaths. People that believe in astrology are more likely to know they are psychic because... they believe psychic skills exist. Hence are more likely to talk about it more and to grow the ability through attention.

I imagine it will be a different world once we get more empaths walking about.

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nikell said
Or does anyone else know of any alignments in the birth chart that may correlate?   

Moon in Cancer or Pisces. Moon-Neptune aspects. Moon or Neptune conjunct Ascendant. Moon in the 12th house. Those are some strong indicators of an empath. 

Cancer (lunar) energy is highly attuned to other peoples emotions and to the emotional atmosphere of a room, they can feel what others are feeling. However they don’t merge and get lost in others emotions. They take the “airplane approach"- put your own oxygen mask on first before helping other people. If a Cancer is emotionally stable and can keep their personal boundaries in place then they will help and emotionally nurture people- like a flood that soothes and nourishes the land (Cardinal Water). If not they will sympathise but take a step back because they know their own emotions are so chaotic they will just pull the person further into an emotional tailspin.

Pisces (Neptune) energy has a different approach- they will just merge with the other person immediately and unconsciously (whether they themselves are emotionally stable or not) and leech the pain from them (Mutable Water), taking it into their own body (hence why Pisces is the sign of self-sacrifice- they swim in polluted waters). This is why Pisces needs a great deal of time alone- to purge and detox their emotional bodies of other peoples energy and find their centre again.

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Finding a great therapist is hard. We need more caring, sympathetic, and empathetic, people, in the mental health field.

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That is astute, and succinctly said, Charpy.  A joy to read such a clear, concise description.  smile

I am empathetic, not an empath.  One of my role models - for empathy - was a herder-breed dog (odd, I know, but a person can learn a lot by paying attention to a kindly canine).  That dog and I went on many long walks during my Pluto transit through my 12th house.  People, too, have inspired me just as much, of course.

Good question, nikell!  smile

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