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Divorce signifiers: Saturn in Synastry

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An astrologer that I follow said that one of the most common patterns in the synastry of divorce couples was the following:

  • Saturn conjunct the Ascendant
  • Saturn conjunct Mercury

The reason for this was because the Saturn partner was limiting or controlling these things:

  • Your identity
  • Your expression/mind/thoughts

She said that the other Saturn conjuncts had other things to do (like if it was conjunct your Sun that it was different, for instance), but when he was conjunct either the Ascendant or Mercury, then watch out.

You can find out what years Saturn was in here: Of course, you'll have to look at the birth chart to be able to tell whether Saturn was actually conjunct or merely in the same sign.

I have never dated a man whose Saturn was conjunct either my Ascendant or my Mercury, but I will not talk to my brother -- whose Saturn is conjunct my Mercury/Venus.

What's your experience?

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I've seen Saturn/ASC aspects in synastry between two people. The Saturn person kept telling the ASC who they (the ASC person) were, none of which were true.

The Saturn person and the ASC person no longer speak to one another.