Dating Pisces Men
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Dating Pisces Men

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How come we never hear about them around here? Who is dating or married to a Pisces man?

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This is true Elsa!

My sister was engaged to one... for 8 years & then it fell to bits. They shared the same Birthday... same year, only 2 hours apart.

I think their relationship was close to what you hear... they fell into something that was "too easy", picked up each others bad habits & lived happily ever after (well... for 8 years =) They almost seemed to be treading water, sort of floating along all that time.

He was a great guy though... smart & funny... but man!! He instigated their split (on their anniversary) & went a bit psycho stalker at the end. Then he tore off & married the next chic he was with, after only a year.

I liked him very much, but he was a bit of a mad bastard!!

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I'm married to a Pisces. But that Pisces Sun is the only water in his chart. He has an even distribution of the rest of the planets between fire, earth and air. He's pretty balanced.

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I dated a Pisces guy once...and ONLY because he had a Sag rising! I figured that was enough to make it work...NOT! I don't get Pisces guys...give me a Leo or a Gemini, a Taurus or a Scorpio, please!

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My only taste of Pisces is I was with one guy with Mars in Pisces. I don't really know much about 'em at all.

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Only one Pisces man in my life, he was the typical charicture of a Pisces man, weak, charming, unable to commit, unable to break up, very likeable, but a total mind-f**k. He was a big mistake! Has taken me a long time to recover.

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