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Dancing with Venus Retrograde

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I am just feeling like Venus Rx in Capricorn is fiercely challenging me and my answer is BRING IT ON. I am like a dog with a bone (or a goat with a mountain) in this area that Capricorn rules for me. Since December 19 (in order)


  • my truck died on the highway at 65mph because the fuel pump and sender within it died. I thought I had 1/4 tank of gas and I had nothing!) 
  • got free tow from my insurer to get home, then a free tow to the mechanic two days later and someone else paid for the $1100 repair!
  • got fired from job I was using to earn extra money for something
  • lost a vote (which came with money) but still got recognition that will later do me well, which was followed an hour later by...
  • Sun in Taurus boyfriend breaking up with me (I know he's having a shaky time with Uranus transiting him/his life)
  • got no answer from web designer who needs to build site that will bring me money and I've been waiting for several months
  • boyfriend popped up wishing me well in a text msg (I've not replied)
  • set up date to make donation calls on 1/18 with a Capricorn friend then had to postpone it to 1/26
  • weirdly lost the ($30) cupholder liner in my truck last night (it looks ugly to not have one) and learned today manufacturer no longer makes the part BUT then got on Amazon and easily found it for $6.99  (which I of course ordered two of them just in case)
  • landlord casually tells me today that my January rent is not paid simply because her computer says so, despite the fact that there is documentation. I don't miss those sorts of details. I said let's go to eviction court because I won't be extorted. She then said she will check her numbers. WTH?! 

It seems like a strange series of ups and downs...two steps forward, one step back. Losses in love and money. But I am not coming out behind, I tell you. I refuse to lose so I am digging in my heels and focusing on abundance and winning. My Venus/Mars is in Cancer. Anyone else having a mountain of love and money obstacles? 

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Oh man, one thing after another for you. I love your attitude though. 

For me, so far money is good but love not so much. I won’t bore you with details plus I don’t want to read about it much less think about it. Funnily enough I’ve taken the same stance you have. I’m not gonna give up (on the whole desire for love and relationship). It’s not like me at all to brush disappointments off like this so I’m actually proud of myself! 

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That is a LOT.  

In-deed. Pushing the boundaries waaaay too far in relationship, but compulsively can't seem to stop myself. ?