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Composite Pluto in the 8th House

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Composite Pluto in 8th house:

Pluto is the planet of death and rebirth, transformation, regeneration, power, obsessions and fanatical behavior. Located in the 8th house, where it is naturally at home, Pluto will make some major transformations in your lives just by your being together. One thing is for sure, this will be a very intense emotional relationship. Pluto will dig up the good, the bad and the ugly for examination and the result will be your learning a great deal about yourselves as individuals. If your relationship is sexual, then it will be powerful, passionate and very intense, going far beyond just the physical limitations of the act. Sex will take on a greater significance for the two of you than to most couples. Pluto may serve to bind the two of you together in such a way and from time to time that you may feel somewhat trapped. What is really happening is there is a tremendous dependency between you, along with a hard-to-identify satisfaction derived from it.

This interpretation is from the Relationship Composite Report.

Do you and  your partner have composite Pluto in the 8th house? What's it like?

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I have not checked my composites yet but I do have Pluto in my 8th. Intense indeed.

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I don't have this with Mr. Leo, but I do have it with my triple sag. 

Our 8th house Pluto is also in Scorpio, making a strong sextile (less than 20mins) to our cappy, 10th house MC/Neptune and a strong trine (less than a minute) to our 4th house cancer Saturn.  We can complete the kite with our 12th house Pisces Chiron, but there is no tail.  We also both have Pluto strongly aspected in our natal charts.  We've set ourselves lots to transform/work thru,

ETA: Let me know when you get to Pluto in the 1st & Pluto in the 7th, as those are Mr. Leo and my Sparkly Taurus, respectively.  It is starting to dawn on me that there is a strong possibility that unless someone has pluto strong in their chart, I may  not have a long or deep relationship with them.  I'll have to check the validity of this, but just a quick 'think' about it seems to hold value.

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I have that with my dad. I was pretty dependent on him back in the day, and if he outlives my mom then I am sure he will be dependent on me some day. I don't feel trapped at all by my dad, but I bet he feels super abandoned by me. He hates that I left home.

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My wife and I have this one. We have Sun, Venus, Mars, and Jupiter in the 2nd house in the composite, and Moon, Saturn, Pluto in the 8th. That's 7 out of 10 on the 2nd-8th axis.

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We have this, with sun, Saturn, Mercury and Pluto in Scorpio in the 8th. All I can say is ... I feel very intense towards him, very possessive, and more jealous than I ever remember being about a boyfriend. With Saturn conjunct the sun and Mercury conjunct Saturn, it can be hard to have a deep conversation with him ... but I feel like we need to, when I feel too distant from him.

What is funny is that when we met, neither of us was looking for anything serious, not really. But I've got an emphasized 7th house and he's got moon trine Pluto. I don't think this guy has lighthearted romantic relationships.

This relationship occupies my mind more than any other relationship I've had, I think!

As an aside, I bought Elsa's romantic composite report awhile back and I have to say that it's really great. It's simply written and easy to parse (unlike my current relationship!). Highly recommended!

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