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Chiron - Where Is Your Wound?

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This clicked for me in a major way over the weekend. Plus all of your other posts, @Osiris Wife, about nodes and axes... I'm really starting to get a clearer understanding of my chart as a whole. Thank you for taking time to explain and track some more advanced astrological concepts! They are a real complement to Elsa's body of work.

I have Chiron tightly opposite Saturn.

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I second Coco Peaches remarks.

After reading more of the posts and about Chiron, much has clicked.

Chiron for me is in late Taurus, 11th house, square my Sun, opposite Saturn, trine Mercury, sextile ASC, and inconjunct Neptune.

This explains A TON about my heavy relationship with my father, my intrinsic projections, work habits, and more.

So much has been dug into regarding family/past/internal stuff, that I feel the last few years have been extremely cathartic for me.

Something is happening to many though, with this new moon and all. I have pals seeking help finally, and it's working. Some are no longer sleeping in the beds they have made. Hell, even my son's mother APOLOGIZED to me. WTF is going on.....

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