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Chiron in Gemini

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Hi guys,

Can anyone shed any light on my Chiron in Gemini please? I can post my natal chart but can someone tell me how to please neutral


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I have this placement , problems communicating. I am good in my head and sometimes expressing myself but hold a lot of anxiety with communicating, can be very shy,one of my issues is not being heard, I am very intellectual but my point dont mean much to outsiders.I been in groups had a discussion made great points no one really took the point seriously , someone else can make the same point minutes later and everyboby feel like its a great idea. Im thinking Wow I just said that lmao. One of my issues is not trusting my knowledge , second guessing myself. With this placement I have a stronge desire to be mentally quick, to be full of knowledge. I hate that with this placement I have to think thou before reacting, I desire to take over just with a quick mind.this placement for me is like a Gemini who is not allow to do what he do best. Or if the mercury control sign do its mercury things it seem to go wronge but u still have the desire to do it. For its like a stuck feeling. Basically a gemini having issues doing what they love to do.

Things I read about chiron in gemini...
You need healing in the way u communicate
Can be shy
May feel like u never heard
U might talk a lot or person dont talk much
U may feel like no one listen to u
U might feel like u are not as smart as people around u
U might be a person who take your time with thoughts and words
You may be aperson who seek knowledge
You may be a person who resent knowledge
If you are heard people may ridicule your thoughts or ideas.
Also heard this placement can cause learning problems.
May had a problem communicating when u was young, this is true for me in preschool my teachers thought I couldnt talk because I would go to school and not say a word. my mother had to tape me holding a prove that I can speak.
I also read that this placement can make u a good writer.
U might be good with teaching, because u search for knowledge.
U might feel misunderstood
Love new ways of thinking and communicating

Healing part is to be able to communicate in away that satisfied u. Trust yourself in the way you express yourself. I also thought about how my communication break down.sometimes people misunderstood me so I have to figure out what happen. Also I read about keeping yourself filled with knowledge so u can be more confident in your communication, also trusting your intuition and your ideas.

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I have this placement as well, and everything Ecentsa said is true. I have always been incredibly shy and felt misunderstood like no one truly 'gets' me because I've never been free to express myself. While I don't have a learning disability, the running joke in my family is that I'm our modern day 'Marcia Brady' and should've been born a blonde because I have one too many ditzy moments. I'm actually pretty smart, though. LOL. Writing is and always has been very close to my heart, too. I would get tons of awards for it when I was in school.