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Ceres in the 9th House Interpretation

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“Love and freedom go together in your life philosophy, both for yourself and for the world in general. You don't quite get the possessiveness thing, unless there are major contradictory factors at work, and tend to regard life as a huge adventure in which vast opportunities should be open to all. You love to roam, either literally or metaphorically, and can find value and learning experiences in virtually anything you encounter. Some sort of hero quest is a major motivator, and your learning curve can become so high that you reach the point where it is time to teach others how to dare, too. Just watch out you don't spread yourself too thin, or waste time in pastures that aren't so green after all.”

That interpretation is from the Deluxe Asteroid Report.

Do you have Ceres in the ninth house?  What can you tell us about it?

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I do feel as if I'm working towards becoming "heroic".

My NN is in the 11th, and so is Chiron. A wound is there. I'm learning to meet people where they are, that it's OK that they are over-emphasizing their role, to not feel as if I'm ostracized or "special.

I have had a hard time narrowing down what I wanted to heavily focus on. SO much to choose from, but I have settled on what I deem important.

I want to create something for the public, for those in need, psychologically.

People, friends, tell me I'm encyclopedic or bookish. I didn't accept this in the past, but do now. It shows, since I'm in college and applying for a master's program, which has been heavily encouraged by others too.

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This is me exactly, including the modifications regarding possessiveness/jealousy (lol). Strangely, I feel most free when I'm in a relationship. It also makes me feel pretty fearless--like I could go anywhere and do anything knowing that I have a home base. 

I do consider every experience a learning experience, and I strive to model how to take a leaps of faith, in everything. Especially as I developed as a writer, the hero's quest was impressed upon me from a young age (Campbell; Jung), and I still consider it archetypally significant in human life. 

Just watch out you don’t spread yourself too thin, or waste time in pastures that aren’t so green after all.

Ahhh. Yes, thank you now I know!