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Ceres in the 4th House Interpretation

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“The nesting urge is strong in you, so you want a very secure home base to which you can retreat from the world and which will renew you for the next round of external activity. Family traditions impact strongly on you for good or ill, and will shape the kind of home and family life you create for yourself and succeeding generations. You keep the best from the past but also discard the dysfunctional and replace it with something better and more geared to expressing love and support. Giving and receiving love is vitally important, and you need to watch out for extremes such as smothering or rejecting. The middle way is best, and as you grow in inner security, you can foster this in others.”

That interpretation is from the Deluxe Asteroid Report.

Do you have Ceres in the fourth house?  What can you tell us about it?

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My Ceres is 4th house Scorpio conjunct Venus.  

I haven't been big on houses, not the Home and Garden type, nor a decorator show viewer.  

I moved into my lover's house which he built all on his own with manual tools, not even an electric drill around 1984.  I feel in love with the house.  It was as if it were alive and loved me back.

It reminded me too of a small house in which I lived as a toddler with my parents.  

I feel into a spell of wanting to nurture the lover.  I loved to massage him, pleasure him, something deep within relaxed.

From a short story I wrote early on in the house (I'm no longer in it, and much bereft):  

Lips. She becomes aware that Bill’s lips are moving in her mind even as Ellie simultaneously pictures her vulva lips.  Outside laying on the earth she feels beside her the house laying also on the earth, it is her friend, if a house can know anything, she knows Ellie loves it.  The east facing windows, one 4’ tall and 18” slim peering from the bathroom, the other 3 ½’ wide and 4’ tall has its view from the back main bedroom.

Living in it,  built by a man in his 20’s, Bill, now 57, she perceives herself as a character bound to the story of the house.  Hardwood floor planks taken from houses demolished in 1984, old then, and now in caramel, tan and blonde patches which speak of less and more activity and mostly human movement. The ceilings are low.  He had recently, just the spring before, sewn curtains for the windows and one short white lacy pair hung on the small window of the same wall where, in the middle of it, a door entered into the main room which was living room, kitchen and dining area.