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Ceres in the 2nd House Interpretation

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“When Ceres is in the domain of values and worldly goods, you direct much energy into providing practical support for yourself and your family. At your best you think abundance, but need to beware of the trap of 'poverty mentality' and not get caught up in the quest for more and more. You can be passively lucky with money sometimes, but will do best when you have a practical strategy for getting on in the world, as Ceres tends to reward practical efforts. When clear about your direction and engaged in your work, you are a very capable provider, generous to all comers, including yourself! But be as careful of prodigality as of withholding, and remember that love matters more than money.”

That interpretation is from the Deluxe Asteroid Report.

Do you have Ceres in the second house?  What can you tell us about it?