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Ceres in the 11th House Interpretation

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“You are a great friend to have, because you put so much of yourself into your friendship bonds, and will go out of your way to be kind or helpful to others. This good nature can get you into trouble if you allow yourself to be imposed on, or if you have yet to learn how to choose friends wisely. People tend to turn to you for mothering (or fathering!) and your shoulder has a way of becoming wet with the tears of the wounded. You are also a tremendous asset to any group activity, and can find yourself becoming a leader of sorts, or in full, depending on how outgoing you are. You have a gift for enhancing group dynamics, but should watch out you don't do too much and find yourself burning out.”

That interpretation is from the Deluxe Asteroid Report.

Do you have Ceres in the eleventh house?  What can you tell us about it?

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Ceres in Scorpio is in my 11th house. Not sure I relate to it, but it is conjunct Uranus. So there's that. In my friendships and group relationships, I remind myself constantly that this is temporary. I stay detached internally on some level. That way, if things suddenly dissolve or go pear-shaped, it won't destroy me.

When I was a newborn, Mom tried to breastfeed me, and it just never worked out. She was able to feed my siblings. So maybe that is another manifestation of the lack of connection I feel sometimes. I want a connection, but the possibility of rejection or annoyance from others puts a wall up. 

I look around and see people with lifelong friends, friends that go way back. That's not my experience with real-life friends. Mine disappear, push me away, or things get weird. Shiny Taurus was my best friend and we lost touch for 15 years! Then suddenly he's back and wanting us to be joined at the hip! Now he's dead. Sooo I've learned from that and other friendships to hold them with an open hand. And not expect too much.

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With me it was VERY different i was born January 27th 1999 


I have 11th house in Taurus feminine sign ruled by Venus moon is there too uber femenine. 

Most of my friends are female.

My Ceres is in taurus as well and also in my 11th house 

I tend to attract females and mother figures with ease I do  NOT get along wih male authority and with the "boys" depite being male mysef 

When I have female friends I tend to create a sisterhood . My emotional maturity Is advanced when I am in. Mixed predominantly male group im usually the mother or father figure .

My rising is in cancer as well

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No but I have an exact Uranus/Ceres conjunction opp Chiron. Like 15 minute orb I think or something. I'm pretty tolerant of people's quirks.