Bought my plane tic...
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Bought my plane ticket to leave the country for good!

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Congratulations! ^^

that sagittarius 9th sure gives it away (off to foreign lands) LOL

i didnt realize it for myself because i have sagittarius in personal planets natally plus with 9th house. My destiny was to live across the oceans; it was like this since i was a toddler. And my future (ethical moral and good and loving husband, not the toxic abusive evil ones i had before) loves foreign women or from foreign lands (he's a stellium sagittarius) soooo textbook LOL  weirdly because i have saturn strong in my chart these things didnt happen until after 30. So nothing was going to be easy for me when i was a child or teen and it was so bad in my 20s that i nearly offed myself. I guess Saturn had different plans. Astrology is so scary and cool at the same time. Like looking through a looking glass mirror and being clairevoyant.

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