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Astrology and Menopause

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Someone asked me to write about menopause, and I'm going to do it. I know other astrologers have taken on the topic, but I have other ideas.

Have you been through menopause? Are you going through it now?

How does your experience compare to other women you know or have heard of?

Comparatively speaking, are you having an easier time then what you feel is average...harder, or even much harder?

What do you know about astrology and menopause?

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Sue Ellen
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Through it.

I was the forgetful dwarf. I hear that's very common.

Easier than most. I took Prempro, hormone replacement therapy for several years. My doctor's first question on initial symptoms was about my control of anger issues. Yes, I was getting angry. I'm usually a very "laid back" person. (I'd rather be "laid" than be angry.)

As best as I can remember, I was in my Pluto trine. Transiting Pluto was on my cradle aspect pattern. On my Mercury (memory, concentration problems), sextile my Saturn-Neptune (foggy), and sextile my Venus-Mars (didn't feel attractive).

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Through it, it started when Pluto was crossing my sun and finished after he crossed my MC/Merc conjunction. During this time I was so happy to finally be done with that stage of my life. Transiting Pluto was also trining my natal jupiter/pluto conjunction. I felt free and liberated and new I was entering my second childhood.

I went through it naturally without any medications of any kind.

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forgetful, and more acne, insomnia, anxiety, hot flashes

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Yes, I've been through it. Started shortly after my Chiron return, which was it's own kind of blessing.

I had a few hot flashes, but not much of anything more. But then again I never had issues with cramps or PMS either.

My sex drive has definitely not been affected at all! LOL...

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My mother went through menopause during her 2nd Saturn Return.

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