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astrological signs your SO loves/likes

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Something different, as we have a topic on what we gravitate to.  But, have you ever thought of the attraction of what signs/ your significant other or bf/ husband(s) if you had ex's. ever gravitated to?

I wanted to see and check it out lol

so i looked up signs/astrology placements my SO is attracted to, (i studied this also few years back)

and they are in my astrology placements. ^^  

thats some virgo, aquarius, pisces, sagittarius and capricorn, taurus.

but weirdly not taurus sun or capricorn sun, usually. mostly jupiterian and mercurial influence. Jupiter as in strong Pisces/ Sagittarius.  Alot of mutable influence. but i'm super earthy so with my husband he likes the earth trine with his earth influence.

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I think most people do Mercury & Jupiter a disservice when discussing synastry, but those really help people get along...I (mostly) attract Pisces & usually their Jupiter hits my chart, in some way. Besides, I have a Gemini mars. If we're not talking, I'm not interested!

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Like it or not, the commonality with my husband and women he's been seriously involved with is this: Cardinality.

I don't think he likes too much squishiness in the people around him.