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Are Aquarians gender benders?

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Sorry if this offends anyone, but I'm just curious about whether Aquarians tend to challenge, or bend, gender roles or explore the other gender in unique ways.

Mom used to shop in the men's department as a young woman cause the clothes--button-down shirts especially--were tailored better. (She has a super-stellium in Aqua, and Uranus in Leo.) And my boyfriend has practiced gender-bending in the past as well.

Just wondered if cross-dressing (or just wearing one or two pieces of clothing normally worn by the opposite sex) is a normal practice by Aquarius. I'm not fazed by it, just curious.

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I've worn boy pants, ties as accessories, boyish shoes, but I never labeled it gender bending. It was more of just a tomboy look I liked when I was younger.

I do challenge, though. Once, a guy friend told me I should wear some makeup. I told him, "When you put on some make up, then I'll put on some make up."

Hmm.. for some reason, gender bending is a term that has a certain connotation to it, in my interpretation, that can cause some problems. But I understand what you mean, and I did notice you said you don't mean to offend anyone.

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I certainly did, but the movie "Annie Hall" gave us all an excuse at the time. I also have a Aqua stellium and Uranus in Leo.

I also dressed as a man for Halloween once (in striped pajamas a la Cary Grant) and my boyfriend freaked out because he didn't recognize me. Plus, he didn't want to hang with a girl that looked like a boy for the whole evening.

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I think sometimes they can, though I'm not sure what the other astrological markers are for this kind of thing.

Everyone in my immediate family is reasonably Aquarian, yet none of us has done gender-bending (that I know of). I think our overall Aquarian-ness manifests as political rebelliousness and humanitarian interests and practices, though.

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I'd say people with strong Aquarius are likely to ignore traditional gender roles and just do what they feel they should be doing regardless of their gender. But it's more of a mental practice. Most Aquarians I know simply aren't that into expressing themselves through clothing - I have one exception, really, a girl I work with who is an Aqua Sun, but Cancer Moon/Rising (and Cancer women do like looking pretty, in general). Maybe if the planets there are in the 5th house, the tendency to could demostrate externally?

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I do this, but not overly outlandish. But I sometimes wear one or two pieces of clothing of the opposite sex. I'm a Cancer with Saturn, Ceres, and Lilith in Aquarius all conjunct in the 4H. Libra Rising, Pluto in the 1H. Leo on the Midheaven.

I know a Taurus who does this more than I do. A Taurus/Gemini cusp. He's actually going to start doing drag anytime soon now. I dated a Scorpio who does drag occasionally. And I know of a Sag who does as well.

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