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Am I destined for leadership?

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natal chart

I would be ultimately grateful for a few responses. I am planning on commissioning some astrologers later for a thorough natal chart interpretation, though it isn't as soon as I'd like due to economic situations. Thank you in advance.

I embarked on my journey of intense self-discovery and constant daydreaming about my ambitions when I was 6 years old after an epiphany I had in 2006 that I must do something BIG in this world; not just for myself, but to help everyone around me (I did come from a "lower class" background). I tend to stick out even when I would really just like to lay low and blend in, but it never works. As shy as I use to be, I was always idealized by others as a leader, or something great. I have always aspired to change the world like many others have, and I am going to keep doing whatever it takes, though I would really appreciate the insight into things you all may notice.


  1. Am I destined for leadership?

  2. What themes will play out in my life?

  3. What is the significance of my North Node in Leo in 7th House, Pluto in Sagittarius in 10th House, and Mars in Capricorn in 11th House?

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I would say it's possible. You dream big and your chart does show potential you become prominent.