"Age of detachment"
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"Age of detachment"

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You hear about the age of enlightenment. How about the age of detachment? Okay, I just made that up.  But I'm thinking about Saturn (age) squaring Uranus (detach).  And I'm thinking I am old enough to detach.

I also think the phrase, "You do you", fits.  It implies, while you do you, I will do me?  You might also call this, "mind your own business".

I think I am at the age of detachment. You? 

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Yes. I believe I was natally set up for it as well. Sag Moon trine Uranus, Sun sign ruler (Saturn), and chart ruler (jupitier) in Aquarius, Saturn quincunx Uranus (0 degree orb)

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Personally, I feel like I'm at the age of detachment.  I'm Aquarius rising, Aries sun.  Detachment and independence come naturally to me.  And I'm happily single and childfree.  This freedom allows me the privilege to detach.

Being concerned about the fate of humankind and the environment just depresses me.  I've done my personal best.  I'll continue, but I likely won't be marching in the streets anymore.  As for the global situation, too little, too late, I'm afraid.  There has been some progress in social justice and environmental awareness, but it's more like one step forward, two steps back(lash).  I know, it's cynical.  Capitalism, racism, patriarchy, hatred, ignorance are contained in a multi-headed human beast that rears its ugly head anytime it suffers a little blow.  Good thing I don't have kids, eh?

Globally, does the Age of Aquarius become the Age of Detachment?  Makes sense for Aquarius.  Will people detach from social media?  Will young people continue to detach themselves from their assigned-at-birth gender and oppressive sexual standards even more?  And will that result in detaching from normative couplehood?  More young people are choosing to be childfree now.  That's detachment.  8 billion and counting.  Planetary limitations reached.

One thing though, I've never quite understood: how does the Aquarius characteristic of detachment still maintain its concern (attachment) for humanitarianism, social justice and the fate of the planet?  I suppose it's just one-on-one personal detachment.