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4 most feminine zodiac signs that embrace femininity

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Cancer is the sign that represents the mother and their nurturing nature is what draws people to them because they’re so sweet, this indeed makes them very feminine and accommodating. People might mistake their strong Cardinal vitality for being overbearing but it is all from a place of love.


Virgo is the sign of the maiden thus making them automatically hundred percent feminine to a fault and as a sign of service and submission they’re always pliable and very intuitive. Virgo is also a mutable sign which makes them softhearted and more flexible than other earth signs.


Taurus is known to embody so many masculine traits, rigidity and aggressiveness makes the bull more masculine than other feminine signs but Taurus is so loving and sensual which makes them feminine on the long run and they’re highly romantic and protective of their loved ones.


Pisces is dreamy and compassionate, emotional and understanding of others which makes them feminine and very empathetic towards others, Pisces are very wise and intellectually inclined because of the influence of Jupiter and they’re as flexible as Virgo because they’re both mutable signs.

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This post made me smile - I have Virgo rising, Taurus Sun, Pisces Moon and Jupiter, Mars and Saturn in Cancer. Thanks for the inspiring descriptions!

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That’s funny…before opening the thread I asked myself and came up with similar subbing out virgo for libra. I’m a Virgo and it sounds from your handle like you’re a libra 😉