"2023 has a kinetic...
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"2023 has a kinetic energy to it"

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I agree but I also feel this way about most odd-numbered years in recent times. It could be more of a personal thing than societal. But it feels like the even-numbered years hold energetic space. Change can happen in those years but it feels like evolution in place. The odd-numbered years are more motion from point A to point B.

This pattern holds true in my experience going back to 2016. Before that the lines were a bit blurrier. Maybe it's just the way I'm energetically connecting to the numbers.

edit to add: Despite this, I do feel there's something especially potent about 2023. It may be more of a combo. Like taking the energetic space usually held in even-numbered years but setting it on a rocket launcher.

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Still true.

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Oh yes! There is energy and there’s even more, like a rubber band.

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