Zero Degree Fixed T-Square: May 20, 2023

saturday may 20 2023You’re looking at the sky, late morning on May 20, 2023. Please click to enlarge.

You’ll see Mars in Leo opposing Pluto. Jupiter in Taurus fills in the Fixed T-square.

If you’re wondering where this week is headed, this chart provides a clue.

Ego shift underway.
Some degree of fear, which can morph into anxiety if you don’t keep a handle on it.
Relationships, family or otherwise provide stability and security.

Bottom line, this dynamic energy will not wane throughout the week. It’s still building.

Do you have planets near zero Fixed?  How are you feeling?  What do you perceive?


Zero Degree Fixed T-Square: May 20, 2023 — 50 Comments

  1. Sounds great! I have Venus in Leo at 0*. I have such a ‘fixed’ chart, I have no idea what Pluto in Aquarius will be like…. but I am still optimistic.

  2. – still a novice reader…one thing I see in this chart is, Saturn is positioned precisely as in my birth chart by house, not by sign. Thoughts?

    • If I understand you correctly, the house where Saturn falls in a random chart is not pertinent or tied to the house where Saturn falls in your natal. You want to look at aspects formed by the transiting planet to whatever point or planet in your natal chart. This is how they connect / exchange energy.

  3. Jupiter, Mars & Pluto will hit my Saturn harshly, squaring or moving into conjunction with it. Not fun. I am weary just thinking of it. Will I have the energy to power through the gloom? Sigh. Whether I do or not, I must. Uranus & sun will be in trine and sextile to Saturn respectively. Not exactly gifts on a platter. More like Mr Weirdo and Ms Do-Nothing have come to join the party, making me more tired. Mars & Jupiter will also be doing things to my Chiron. My overriding feeling looking at this planet configuration is ‘Eek! Help!’ I hope someone will throw me a line.

      • Therein lies the problem. I’m tired of taking action, especially slow-to-low progress actions. I am ready for a resolution. Thank you for the reading suggestion. I looked him up and read a few lines. It’s squarish writing, pun intended.

  4. Just reading about cars being set light to overnight in residential areas in Dorset, UK. About a dozen by reports. They don’t know why as yet.

  5. My natal Pluto is at 2 degrees Leo in the 4th H. Jupiter by now has entered Taurus in my 12th H, and squares my natal Pluto in the 4th and squares transiting Pluto in the 10th H. My intention for this week is to stay centered and peaceful. This week is somewhat akin, for me, like putting a finger in a light socket. Transiting Uranus is in my 12th H, soon to conjunct my natal ASC at 19 Taurus. The New Moon on Friday creates a grand earth trine of my midheaven (28 Cap), Uranus in 1st H (25 Taurus) and Neptune in my 5th H at 23 Virgo.So that is what is going on for me this week. Exciting !!!!!!?

  6. Sun zero degrees Taurus 4th house… opposite Jupiter in Scorpio + Pluto, Saturn, Mars in Libra in the 10th House. After almost three years of difficulties; precisely four weeks ago…our baby was born. I’m 41, he is 49y. It’s difficult at home, the nights are very short, every day is a different one, no clear structure, no broader vision, not much going on apart from nursing our baby. But, we are a team, she is showing us where are our blind spots (communications skils). We are forced toward being flexible. Our eyes and hearts are focused on her and the only thing that I see in everything and everywhere is a proces… of change, of becoming, of a fresh and new start…

  7. Mars will be in my 11H, opposite my sun in 5H, Pluto conjunct my sun, and Jupiter square all that in my 8H.

    That day is part of the three-day powerlifting camp I’m attending. It’s at my coach’s gym, and I will know one other instructor there. So we’re all gathered to learn from each other and to be assessed, challenged, to be better athletes, performance-wise, mentally, and for the long haul. We will use other people’s resources (experience and knowledge at my coach’s gym) to make new friends and shine ✨

    It seems good. Challenging, too. Stretching comfort zones.

  8. Great way to use that energy, Allie.

    I’ve got a 0 degree Part of Fortune in Leo 5th hse.

    It is my birthday today (l usually hate them…) but l am having lunch with my niece. Her Venus is in Aqu at 1 degree. Lunch at an art gallery–how is that for Bullish pleasures…?

    My 3rd hse cusp is 29 Aries, so Jupiter is just over the line.

    I am trying to be careful and sensible. Uranus is getting closer to sun…that might change. l will wait, watch, plan a little (and include plans B and C)

    Many of you are dealing with complex and worrying stuff. I wish you all well and will keep watching this space.Fingers crossed.

  9. I have this t-square natally. Pluto in Leo 1st. Mars in Scorpio 4th. Jupiter in Taurus 10th. Does that mean that this will be the same feeling? Ego, fear, anxiety? I serve on the board at my church and there’s been some tension between the pastor and myself.

  10. I have. Saturn inCapricorn at 0 degrees 30? I have a class and test on 20th to see if I qualify for data collector job? Big fish count on large fish boats?anyone’s guess
    Hopefully interesting folks in class?
    I need to travel to the mainland. I’m just hoping the boats run looks like a storm coming down again.
    Monday was incredibly stressful at work. I do need to find a different job position for all the stress. I don’t think the pay is adequate. I wonder if every eight or nine years people should change their job situation I just I am so exhausted.
    Time to see what Tuesday is going to give me I really just wish I could sleep all day I mean like coma sleep

  11. I just have a fatalistic dissatisfaction, and feeling of doom, with everything, though objectively things are fine here for now…Sun at 27 Capricorn, and has of course been visited a lot by Pluto lately…

  12. I experience entrapment and pain of all kinds inside, craving for freedom
    T square lands in my mostly fixed chart like heavy grip. I have Saturn 29 Cancer square chiron 29 Aries and Uranus 3 Scorpio.
    Pluto is coming closer to my ascendant 5 Aquarius opposite Mars 5 Leo too.
    Prolonged hard time..

  13. Venus 1st degree Aquarius, 3rd house. Husband’s sister and her family are visiting from abroad, flying in exactly on May 20th.

  14. 0° Scorp sun 2nd h (Venus at 26 Lib) and things have eased up tremendously in the last 2 weeks. I’m serenely chugging along, crossing off my to do list. House stuff, money, dentist. My back has even relaxed after literally 9 months. Might be related to end of academic year, lol. At any rate, I feel like full steam ahead. A year ago to the day I saw a dr that got me spiraling for months. The past 9 were recovering from that and various other unfinished business, mostly mental/attitudes/entrenched stuff I’ve now moved on from. Also realized who was truly there for me. Some surprisingly weak links. I feel like I picked up where I left off a year ago, which is reassuring in a way. But I’m also itching for change.

  15. With this t-square shaking my chart and additionally uranus squaring my dad’s jupiter, venus, sun , he just got a serious cardiac arrest
    He will get over it but it is pretty serious

  16. This HAS clearly manifested for me in an ugly, ugly way.

    I have encountered more outright rude and hostile people that past 2 weeks than I have ever even seen in my lifetime it feels like.

    WTF is going on ?

    I feel like hiding…but I won’t.

    I’m going to go right up there on the ship and let the storm blow thru my wild hair.

    Bring it.

    I got enough latent PLUTO energy built up for 3 people.

  17. I looked up on astrodienst how the current sky blends with my natal chart and … every single planetary body in my natal chart is making some aspect with current transits. There are so many triangles, squares, oppositions, conjunctions, kites etc. that to attempt an interpretation is way beyond me. But I can certainly feel the immense power with its corollaries of opportunities and dangers. My personal way in moments like this is to stand back and let it all work itself out without my interference, maintaining my best attempt at poised assurance, and trust.

  18. Pluto is opposite my 2 degree Leo Sun and moving again toward my Midheaven. Jupiter square Sun and Midheaven. Mars will be popping it all off soon. And Uranus getting close to my 21 degrees Taurus Asc. while squaring my Mercury Uranus conjunction in Leo 15 and 18 degrees. I was feeling kind of excited and getting into some real positive and creative healing and Astrology and other arts. was looking forward to getting out there and doing some fun creative and productive things after a long hard winter. Really want to help people get ready and go through these shifts on all levels that we on Earth are and will be experiencing. Lately feeling stuck…and like I have to keep looking for clues on what is going to happen in and to the world, like when is the market going to crash and when will the masses wake up to what has really been going on in this country and the world. So I feel a bit like I am going to implode! LOL! All the while also not wanting to be too negative about things and definitely not wanting to get too positive and be let down!!! Was depressed day before yesterday, and I never get depressed. I better go do something creative like write or make something and get away from the computer. I gotta pull my head out of my ass and get ready for something of which I have only a slight idea what that is. I gotta get ready to help the new as the old crashes. I gotta be an anchor of truth and beacon of light, except no one who could probably use that seems to think they do!! It is sad for a Leo not to be seen at all. I am working on it!! Thanks for listening!!

  19. I’ve been undergoing something strange in my life. I’m interested in astrology by not astute. I’m thinking it’s related to the current goings on with the planets. One day I will have devasting news about something, something of major impact; the next, I will have equally impactful news but in a positive vein. This has been going on for a month. It’s like a balancing act. I’m not sure what part of the current sky is causing it, but it’s very disorienting. I’m celebrating one day, wringing my hands the next. Wondering what is causing this!

  20. Wanted to add to my earlier comment. Example of what I’m experiencing: Appraisal of property came in higher than needed, very unexpected. Two days later, A/C has gone out, hoping it’s not the compressor.

  21. Sun at 0 degrees Scorpio and Moon at 0 degrees Taurus…. All this time I’ve been dreading an external event and yet what I’ve been dealing with mostly is profound internal shifts surrounding my childhood wounding and the lifelong relational dynamics that have ensued as a result. It’s a profound time. I don’t really know what to expect moving forward but keeping my head above water thus far. Bon courage to us all 💜

  22. No natal planets @ 0 degrees but my progressed Venus (which was retrograde since 1978) turned SD last year at 0 Aquarius at the same time as my progressed Sun entered Pisces. And the 20th of May is a great day! All the crap that happened during Mercury retrograde recently, home repairs, things breaking down etc fixed for a portion of what I thought it would cost and meeting a really nice man who asked me out. I said yes, two Sagittarians in their 60s can and will get along. I’m way beyond marriage and such…
    And I woke up this morning from a nice dream, smiling. I remember it all, the whole story. I’m gifted one or two of those in a year and draw endless inspiration from those dreams. I’m gonna write it down now, like all the others. Wishing everyone a blessed weekend!

  23. Natal Pluto at 0 Virgo, fixed. Serious endings! My property tax went up by 2600 percent. 2600 HUNDRED. I had planned on retiring in July and drawing my social security. I have worked 56 years. That dream is over, I have to work just to pay this tax. I am selling out my property because I cannot work anymore. I will deal with it this year but I physically can’t do this anymore. So a lot of relationships ending. I have 50 chickens, 20 milk goats, and 147 cats that have to find a new home. All those are relationships I have that are ending. I am depressed, very depressed, so happiness ending. Maybe new beginnings, I don’t know, but all I can see is endings and anguish.

      • I hired an attorney. He thinks we will win some of it but lose in the final chapter. Then they will probably leave it there for one year and after that there will be no mercy, so it doesn’t really matter how long or how hard I have worked to pay it all off (literally, decades). They can take it in a heartbeat and I will have nothing. So I have no choices.

          • Purchased this raw land in 1984 with a VA loan, dug a well, had electricity run in, bought a used mobile home (which I still have) and worked worked worked to get it paid for. We never thought the city would get this far out, but million dollar homes are going up all around me, and they want me out. I would never have even for a second considered selling out. All I wanted was to play with my cats.

    • I grew up on a farm, Eliza, l understand what it is like to lose the land and your relationship with your animals–l don’t understand your tax system.
      This sounds so cruel. Please don’t lose all your money in legal fees.
      Can you get your story on the news?
      I hope something unexpected turns up that works in your favour. It did for me…my Pluto at 1 Virgo.

  24. I note the chart is empty on the bottom portion and that some astrologers factor this into the reading; as a still amateur astrosleuth, I will posit that it feels viscerally as though the energy is moving “onward and upward,” regardless. From what I can discern from a cursory internet search, it seems the bottom half is similar to the south node in that the bottom half of the chart is a “comfort zone?” So we currently have no comfort zone to rely on (other than faith, perhaps), as our attention is directed toward the “onward and upward” so I say ride that train!

  25. Saturn exact square my Sun, Pluto opposition the Ascendant , conjunct 7th house cusp, Mars conjunct Asc. , Jupiter square Asc.
    Health Issues do deal with. But working out so far.

  26. all this fixed square with Mars sextile, Pluto and the start of the Gemini Moon (then Gemini Sun) trine my Moon — but the headline is transiting Uranus squaring my natal Pluto, with appropriate manifestation.

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