You’re Guilty As Sin (Though I Have No Information!)

mercury god“It ain’t what you don’t know that gets you into trouble. It’s what you know for sure that just ain’t so.”

                             – Mark Twain

I have outer planets (Uranus and Pluto) transiting my natal Mercury.  I’m brilliant (Uranus) one minute, paranoid (Pluto) the next.  Luckily, I am brilliant enough to know when I am paranoid so it’s going okay.

I see my own thought patterns under this transit and I see yours as too, often enough.  One thing I am seeing is how easily people indict others with no basis in fact. There are two  primary ways I see this happen.

The first is when a person indicts you over what they think or feel you will or would have done at some time or date in the future, that never occurred. My husband does this. He was trained to predict behavior in Special Forces. Naturally he tries to predict mine.

That’s fine. But if I didn’t do the thing, I can’t really be charged, convicted and punished for it, can I?

“If I would have done that, you’d have done this,” he says.

That’s a theory, nothing more.

The other thing I see happen a lot, occurs blog. People come on here or email me about my horrible sins and behavior.  Half the time, I have no idea what they are talking about. More than half the time!

Even when I do know what they’re talking about, or think that I might know, it still strikes me as ridiculous. Maybe someone told them something or maybe they made it up in their own mind. In either case, did I get to speak for myself? No.

Who hears one side of a story and figures they know it all?

I’m sorry. If you’re going to indict someone for something, your evidence should be solid. How would you like to be punished for nothing, hmm?  Because most of us agree – what goes around, comes around.

Have you ever charged, tried and convicted someone on essentially nothing?

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You’re Guilty As Sin (Though I Have No Information!) — 94 Comments

  1. I’m in a small structure in the backyard. I am lying on my
    stomach at the threshold. I get to eat one bone and
    share my water with flies and a crawling thing. There is
    much revelry of a subdued nature happening in a larger
    structure across from a green patch called “touchdown”.

    What did I do to deserve this and why??

  2. I have Pluto opposite Aries merc Natally. Thankfully my Pluto is in libra and searches for both sides of the story. They both square my Jupiter in Capricorn in the 8th.

    However with Uranus messing with my merc I’ve had to really reign in the impulse to jump into the verbal fray. Remind myself to get more info. Wait to respond. Maybe not respond at all. Or better yet that what is being told to me about someone is none of my business. That letting the person vent may well be enough. And that if I have wisdom (jup in cap/saturn) to share with them this may not be the time.

  3. Elsa,

    I read on the boards like four years ago and you announced you called some little girl (7 years old?) a runt in a reading once. I even read more derogatory things you said on this blog/boards, some of which you already erased. How the hell can anyone prove anything when you go erase a comment or comments? That’s enough proof for me. So don’t go playing the victim when you know you did/said something wrong. Maybe you need a lobotomy in that nasty head of yours, you conceited bitch.

      • @chad,

        I don’t care if you hate me. I don’t care if you don’t care about me. But what I said was true. Oh, and did I also tell you about the time Elsa pounced verbally on some guy just because she didn’t agree with what he said? I know it’s provocative to criticize someone on their own blog, but the things Elsa said were also provocative. Also, maybe some of us have a great reason(s) for hating Elsa. We didn’t just ‘Neptune’ up these things, they came right out of her mouth.

        • Who’s some of us? That’s rich. People have thrown that at me before…people who were looking for some reason to hate me, and when pressed to name names…couldn’t.

      • @LisLioness,

        Oh, and did I tell you about the time Elsa called someone’s mother a bitch? Not exactly tactful. Sorry, but things like that make people angry. People are made of flesh, human you know? How do you expect someone NOT to write hate mail for that?

        I’m leaving now for good now, peace.

        • I have NO idea what you’re talking about. I’ve been on the board since its inception, and I would have remembered a dust-up like that.

          I don’t know what set you off, but if you’re that triggered by this place, it’s best that you leave for good.

        • Oh wow. I was at library and getting dog toys.
          Listen. Even if everything Conoco says is true (I have no idea, I have written daily for 13 years), these notes are taken out of context.

          Conoco, if you feel this much venom for me, I am glad you’re leaving the site.

    • Holy hell…. Conoco…you better step BACK!!!!!!!!! Why do you come here? I am just able to navigate the new boards and I come head first into this. Who in the holy hell do you think you are? You vicious asshole!!! Attack me now….please. The door is open.

  4. Never charged anyone for nothing. I have mercury in Libra, I allways ask myself is he really guilty?? I digest as mush as possible, If it hampers my life, only then I charge him to be guilty (mars in Sag , 8th house). I protect my freedom and peace.

  5. Elsa- Wow. I have never seen anything like this on this blog. Elsa you can call my mother a bitch. Can anyone say ” Housewife on the verge…”. @ Notch, me either! Im dying here.

  6. I’ve been reading the things on Elsa’s site for a few years, and I’ve never seen anything even remotely close to the charges that have been leveled here.

    But one thing I will say: it’s a perfect real life illustration of exactly what Elsa was writing about in today’s blog.

    I think that sometimes people project their past betrayals on people in their current lives.

    • @Fritzy Ritz- I think this is also a great example how some people are buckling under this T-square. It is sad a little too.

    • Thank you, chad.
      Truth be told, I don’t mind it if I wrote, runt, bitch and jumped down someone’s throat.

      If these are my horrible deeds in 13 years of creative output, that has taught tens of thousands of people to better read a chart….kept people entertained, kept them company, kept them from falling even deeper into depression, due to this effort, it’s seems okay to me.

      Bug me when you’re perfect, ya’ll.
      Bug me when you’ve built a website of this caliber and dealt with what I have behind the scenes.
      Otherwise, wth?

        • That’s right. It is MY ass hanging out every day. It is my (real) name on this blog.

          If you were the creative force behind something like this, you’d see it very differently, I promise you that.

          • I wonder what Conoco looks like and what her real name is. It is easy to say accusations like that when there is no one person to pin it too, sort of cowardice, a little creepy too.

  7. This thing that happened this morning that I wrote and that got blown away. Well, in conversation with the person who had the odd thing show up in her environment. The thing that reminded us, but that I am too lazy to get paranoid about. We have moved on. So we found it odd. After all she did say “that was ‘four years ago'”. What the heck is it with the ‘four years ago’ or is this just a coincidence?

      • That’s the conclusion we came too. And it’s what surprised us. That ‘the faction’ had not yet moved on. It’s dizzying to think how many miles I’ve been since all that went down those years ago.

    • poor Iggy…..cooked rice for him- should do the trick….

      I am shocked by the negative response you got on this thread- and all I can think of
      is that they probably have what Iggy has… only coming out the other end!! 🙂
      sorry you have to deal with these things on regular basis…
      The new site with all new features is truly lovely 🙂

      • Thank you, leogirl.

        My chart is set up for this. To draw fire and to be cleansed by it. It just can’t be any other way.

        If I did not have Mars conjunct Mercury in the 9th house, this blog would not exist. It’s my big mouth, see?

        So people like the blog, but not the big mouth that made it.

        In regards to my 8th house, if it was not strong, people would be less repulsed by me, but also less attracted.

        I could go on and on.

        Bottom line – this is me, this is my blog. Like an inkblot, what you think we are is up to you!

  8. I am cleaning…and cleaning…and cleaning…. Poor little dog.
    I love this little dog.

    Anyway, we can go back on topic about how I am a conceited bitch…which I may be, I’d have no way to know. Maybe take a worldwide vote, to find out, but I don’t know that anyone is interested in that. Most of us just want to pay our bills and make it through life as happily as we can.

      • Yeah, I had a HORRIBLE week. Awful. But things got straightened out yesterday in a way that stunned all of us, in the best possible way.

        Thanks for recalling that, Charles. I appreciate it.

        Do you still want me to change your name? If so tell me…I am pretty sure I can do it on this new site. You can be a test case!

  9. Remember what you said to all of us earlier in the week. Don’t focus on the negative. Imagine where you want to be. 🙂

  10. One more thing, I am really sorry this turned into something about me. It was not intended as such. I thought it was an excellent post!

    I think now this is evidence of my transit, but what I really wanted to say was what I said up there.

    You really ought to have something solid before you go telling people about their rotten character. My husband often tells me what I would have done, if.

    I look at him like, what is this? The Minority Report?

    I think this way of being has become epidemic in our society. If you are *this then you are this, this, this, this, this and this, when there is no evidence of such.

    My husband is so often right, but sometimes no. he does, at times, accuse me me of ‘would have done” things that not only would I not have done…but things I have never done.

    “Not only have I never done that to you, I have never done it to anyone in my life. Where is your evidence? Why are you accusing me of going-to-be doing something I have no history of doing in my life?”

    he still thinks he is right though. is that not baffling?

    My best guess is that other women have done it…we are all female, so I am indicted.

    I think this phenomena is ripping our society to shreds.

    The other day my husband said I fought with him whenever we had plans to travel. He mentioned, Christmas two years ago. My mother had died and I was distraught.

    I mentioned the 50 times I drove to meet him in 13 (or so) different states when he first started trucking. “I don’t remember fighting.”

    He was unconvinced.

    He’s right, regardless of reality, see? This happens all the time. It happens to me all the time, but it happens to many.

    So really ask yourself….

    Do you indict people on evidence that is flimsy if not entirely non-existent?

    • It’s probably the mercury in libra curse. I can just never talk pretty enough to please everyone.

      And truth be told, we all slip and fall sometimes. Concoco is no different. Brakes just need a tune up is all.

  11. I don’t think so…
    But honestly? This kind of thinking IS epidemic. It astounds me when women talk about hating women, because of the way x number of y. ‘I don’t get along with women because they’re all bitches.’ Ok. Are you calling yourself a bitch then? :::confused:::

    I grew up with 3 sisters and we all feel similarly! A person is a human being first, not a cookie cutout of my projected disappointments.

    This is why ‘everyone’ and ‘all people’ or even ‘most people’ statements annoy the living shit out of me (sorry, Iggy). Like I am supposed to believe you, personally know ALL PEOPLE? Get real.

    My ex did this to me constantly. He once said to me ‘I know your habits.’ Guess what, MF’r. I know yours as well.

    Broad mind = happy heart. So says my 11th House Uranus opp 5th House Merc.

    • woman vs women . . . I think that’s supposed to be hard mars moon aspects? So it’s something that person needs to be aware of. And goodness gracious, watch those mars transits.

  12. Hi all, wow. Took a break from studies and take-home work and see this. Glad I poured that wine!

    For Elsa, when you mentioned just above how hubs ‘still believes he’s right….baffling’, lol, hear you and my current FI does this and then I produce an outcome completely different on what he “thought I would be doing that Saturday afternoon” or whatever and I just chuckle to myself. To me, it is not so baffling because there are SOOOOOO many people who are fixed in their micro-to-macro outward views, yet absolutely and totally believe they are “flexible”. I see this with co-workers who are fixed in the same 5-year control/HR battle of pettiness; I’ve lived it all through my childhood with my parents.

    It is as if they “need” to be “right” about “someone’s next move” or their internal structure has zero to focus/fixate/rubix-cube puzzle up/go on. They then propagate this (yet don’t realize they are doing this constantly b/c they are too busy focusing on what you are doing constantly, lol ugh). It’s as if without this pattern of needing to watch others’ movements, then be correct in some expected outcome, they’d have nothing to mentally do all day. That, or they can’t stand looking at themselves/their behaviors/their outcomes. I’m probably being extreme in saying “nothing mentally to do all day”; it’s probably more realistically like nothing mentally to fixate/rubix cube out 75% of the time.

    Either way, Elsa’s original post on this was brilliant if for no other reason than this opened up a frank (and at times, unusual) discussion.

  13. Wow. That was pretty spectacular. ::bug.eyes::

    This is a fascinating topic, so I’m really glad that the sideshow distraction has moved on its merry way.

    I often think that these kind of groundless judgements/indictments, say waaay more about the one pointing the finger. It just screams projection (or guilty conscience) to me.

  14. (ugh, apologies, I do this all the time – forget a point- then need to post again as there is no edit option lol, apologies)

    Wanted to add to Elsa’s question re: do you indict without evidence?. Thought about this hard utilizing real life examples I’ve had. For me, I am a researcher first. Second, everyone around me says and knows I need facts and evidence (again the retro Pluto and retro Uranus in Libra 12th natally) before either making a claim or taking someone else’s claim at face value. Third, I learned something in self-evaluating with Elsa’s question: I realized that I am the person in the room who DOESN’T GIVE TWO SH*** about what others do in their spare time or whatever! (I had to stress that b/c I get ‘watched’ or ‘monitored’ by others for some dumb reason and I hate that. I don’t treat people with the same childish micromanaging. HATE micromanaging) . My FI will head out and before he leaves the house he’ll try to start spewing a blow-by-blow of what his errands are and when he cleaned the cat box and blah blah, and, call me rude, but I put my hand up and I’m all like “Hon, when the damn hell are you going to learn I don’t give a crap about your every move?? I trust you’ll manage they way you deem right, that includes dumb house chores!” I usually yell this at him on a Sunday morning (not a morning person) when I am cozy in bed on a late morning and his early butt walks in the room to do another blow-by-blow. *screams* I think his ex-wife needed the blow-by-blow to say to him, if he didn’t complete one of the task listed: “I knew you wouldn’t get that done.” In fact, my FI has said his ex did that, now that I recall a discussion we had. ugh

  15. Wow. I was reading the comments in backward order. That was an interesting experience!
    I wouldn’t mind if you deleted Conoco’s comments, they’re quite disturbing to my emotions. Ew. Just sayin’.

  16. Oh my!!! I sure miss a lot when I go to the office! Just wow …

    I’m having trouble seeing a few of the responses. They seem to be hidden behind the right margin. Maybe because I’m on my phone?

    Not a huge issue, I got the jist of most if the thread. Just wanted to let you know in case someone else is having the same issues but thinks its just then.

  17. I do it all the time to my husband, but it’s all based on past actions!..if he responded same way for ten years, my brain expects same response nxt ten years. he says it’s not right that I think for him or know what he’s thinking…but he really isnt spontaneous at all. he’s got a stelium in cancer…I think I have a right to presume…

    • @WATERGAL my husband does that too, but it’s different function.
      My husband has known me since I was 17 years old. There are somethings that are simply not part of my character and when he puts this stuff on me – this is when I really understand the power of projection or Neptune, or whatever the hell it is.
      I may as well be telling him, he is going to start cross-dressing, 🙂
      It would make the same amount of sense,

      Now when I 17, I walked into the worst biker bar in town and yelled at the men in there at the of my lungs. So if someone said I read some guy the riot act…well it’s not hard to believe.

      As for my motivation to do that, who knows. No one asked me and by now I don’t remember.

      How many men do you think I have yelled at in my life, with Mars conjunct Mercury in my chart? In the 9th (expansive) house, no less?

      I rest my case.

      This is not the quiet-mouth-girl-astrology-blog. Does a blog like that even exist? if so, I bet no one reads it. 🙂

  18. Seriously, Conoco, what the HELL?!…….. >:O

    Oh well, my boyfriend and I got a nice eyebrow raise from that comment.

    Back to our regular programming. I’m sure I’ve played judge and jury to others and had it done to me. I’ll admit to not giving people the benefit of the doubt sometimes. Often, OFTEN, I think that someone is angry with me when their anger has nothing to do with me. Or they were being facetious and I missed the humor cause my mood was off. During this T-square I expect this tendency will increase.

  19. Elsa, I can understand, and what I can see is that you are quick too..quick to understand and respond just as fast and in words everyone can….I have merc in 9th house too, pisces..I understand innuendo better .
    Blue rose, I know what you mean about conoco rant , doesnt make sense.

  20. I figure if you -did- hypothetically call someone’s mother a bitch, you probably had a good reason to.

    As for the question. I sometimes do it to my SO when I PMS. I just become paranoid as hell. One time, I clocked him when he raised his arm because I thought he was going to hit me. He was just going to hold me…. I’ve also imagined criticisms when no one was talking. The projections are just crazy when I PMS.

  21. I used to say my ex could have an argument with me all by himself. He always thought he “knew” what I thought and was going to say. It confused me at first, then I found it amusing. My Aquarius moon would just laugh at him when he did this. Of course, that just made him madder, but I had to stop internalizing it or I’d go crazy. He would tell me I was a lousy wife, a lousy mother, a lousy Christian. Actually, the mental exercise of debunking his attacks created a firm foundation of self esteem. I KNOW what I am and what I am not. It wasn’t fun, but it did help me grow into a better person. I fought like hell NOT to be what he thought I was – ever.

  22. I’ve done it and am currently doing it in a situation in my life at the moment. I’m not proud but I have been hurt in similar situations before and am projecting my worst fears onto this current one – I need to wear my big girls pants and have a word with my fears and find the root thought to check if it is still valid.

    I hope by recognising the fear I’m halfway to resolving the issue and not hiding from it, or behind it.

    Your new site most lovely, Elsa.

  23. I’m familiar with this phenomenon from both directions. My ex did it to me all the time for reasons that are a mystery to me. I had a boyfriend do it to me but the projections were obviously about his wife – when I met him, he was fresh out of his marriage. And I’m guilty as well but thankfully the universe whoops me upside the head. There have been people with whom I’ve been quick to judge (inevitably incorrectly) and they end up becoming a dear friend or a partner!

  24. Well Elsa I am not even a fully experienced person to understand that its so childish to come to someone’s blog you don’t like or opiniona and bicker about it.
    Second, I would be so annoyed! I would block them because it would bother me so much and I’d like to do something back. I am not sure if you said it, but I would have a way of dealing with that negative energy coming to you by ignoramouses!
    Hello! If you don’t like it keep your mouth shut or leave! Plain and simple. Geez people!

  25. @learningground, I had the same experience on my I-phone, you just have to keep scrolling down and you will get all the conversations, there is like this blank space, just keep scrolling.

  26. My NZ friend says that in her country people don’t name call each other, wtf is this an american phenomena? or a rich thing attribute? how gross :/

  27. Elsa it worked. I would like to apologize to everyone for acting so silly earlier in the posts. This is my natural response when confronted with pathology.

  28. Love the sinner and hate the sin. When I made my debut as an opera singer, my veteran colleague told me, Good reviews are good for scholarships and sponsors, with bad reviews I wipe my butt. I’ve tried to follow his poetical wisdom, but never totally succeeded. We go public because of a special mix of having something to say, vanity, and hopefully integrity. And critic that is to the point is so helpful, even if my vanity and pride are hurt by the blows. And the rest is for the toilet, you can analyse why people have the need to utter gutter. Margaret Thatcher said, Civilization is a thin layer of lacker, and in cyber space where people can be anonymous many people seem to thrive on feeding the beast. Reject in the kindest possible way to deal with it.

  29. I never did receive any sort of admission of wrong-doing on your part, or somebody else’s – when I was emotional, and going through extremely hard times. I remember admitting where I could see where I had been wrong in assumptions – paranoid, possibly – only for someone to get me blocked from the site. I apologized, sincerely, and you laughed at me. And others were turned against me, all because someone couldn’t seem to understand where I was – even though they said they’d been in that state of mind before – and just wound me up.

    I tried to talk to you about it, but you just decided that I was a troublemaker. It’s weird to me, to be told that I’m well-liked, even loved, by friends that I had before then, and have made since then – just last night, I was told how loved I am. These people made me believe in the goodness of life again – they stood by me when I was suicidal, and like me as I’m healing (hopefully healing).

    I feel bad for the person who seems to be dealing with similar issues that I was dealing with. I also feel bad that she chose to be cruel to me. I haven’t moved on, because I can’t seem to let go of an injustice. This wasn’t just a message board, but some of the people turned from being really sweet to really nasty, based on things said by someone – and because you had decided that I was just bad, rather than in a bad place, and upset. I used to handle myself with grace, and luckily, I seem to be able to do that again *now*. With help, from good people, I’ve found my grace again.

    One of these days, I hope to find peace around this. It isn’t the biggest thing in the world, but I was in such a bad place, and I was rejected when I needed the opposite – so much for this being the light I was told that it was. I can’t let go of *that*. It’s just wrong.

    • Angela, I have no idea who you are, but don’t see how I could have laughed at you. I am behind a computer screen. I don’t recall ever calling anyone a “troublemaker” and no one can get someone blocked from the site. I just can’t remark on this because I don’t know what is going on…but you can email me if you like.

    • Good point on ‘it’s just wrong’. It happens with me when I feel wronged somehow. Reminiscent of some old wound I would imagine. But I try to get over it instead of lashing out about it. But I’ve got mars rx. Easy for me to say.

    • I’m really confused. This is the second accusation that came up in this thread, and…four years is a long time (that’s how long the boards have been around), but I don’t remember either of these tussles.

      Elsa, I don’t understand why people can’t resolve this stuff in an email instead of taking it public.

      • I think the expectations are too high.
        I am one person with a blog read by many. I do my best all the time. If it’s not sufficient, or if you hate me or if you prefer someone else, or if you judge me, it is all irrelevant. I still have to go to work each day.

        There is no way I am going to be able to please everyone or even most of everyone, especially over time. Why anyone would think I’d be capable of that is beyond me.

        I don’t understand why people think I could or should be perfect. *I* am flesh and blood too, yanno?

        At this point in my life, I am not interested in playing with people who don’t like or appreciate me. When you’re my age, you may very well feel the same, but irregardless of that, it is how I feel.

        Awhile back, someone wrote about feeling their parents did not want to spend time with them. They wondered about this.

        I said I had no idea what the case was for them in particular, but I did know that as you get older, you really don’t have time or energy for some of this stuff. I am at the end of my life, here. MY life, which is not “yours” to run.

        It’s funny to me how easily people pick me apart and how they and everyone they know, including themselves, is innocent….perfect…deserving of compassion and care.

        That leaves me to be the dirtbag, I guess. Pardon me, if I don’t agree!

        • Before I really got into astrology, despite being very much a loner, I would get upset deep down when I was left out. That was my Libra Moon, though I didn’t know it then.

          Now, at 43, I don’t want to bother with anyone who labels me as “weird” or “different” or “likes her chickens better than people” 😀 or whatever some random someone feels like sticking on me. I’m too old for these games. Just like this one wants you to play her game…think back four years and who knows consults to soothe her. Nope.

  30. It is a great relief to me when people who are unhappy with me or disappointed in me leave the site. It just makes sense.

    My life just can’t be about trying to please and conform to the standard of someone on the Internet, whose face I have never seen and whose name I don’t know.

    I would like to see all people happy all the time. I realize this is not realistic!

  31. I can’t help but feel pained when I read this type of thing. I have not been here for 4 years or 10 years…just a little over a year. I feel protective and angry when I read these types of attacks. How could I feel otherwise. I come here for advice and help and everyone jumps in to help as best they can. And I mean MANY jump in if only just to say hang in there. When I was at a complete loss as for what to do Elsa without holding back said…. look at things this way. All I can tell you is she looked at my birth chart and listened with BOTH ears….she was kind and compassionate. I have no idea who this conceited bitch is. That bothers me. I can’t help it. It really bothers me. Over the last year when I have needed someone these folks have been all ears. It’s very hard for me to read these types of things and not be offended for her. I’m a Scorpio with a Taurus moon and a Cancer asc…. (and a 4th house stellium) when I find a friend or a home I am very protective …. I don’t like it. I just don’t like it at all.

    Honestly, if you don’t like it here….don’t like the people…..please just go away. Why bother with insults…. this is very hard for me to understand.

    And, I don’t take kindly to people I like being attacked………… AT ALL!!!!!!!!!

  32. Thank you, Scorpio.
    Bottom line, this is my job. I do it as well as I can. If I don’t cut it, find someone else who does!

  33. This is certainly a lively conversation. I actually had the opposite problem of that I always made excuses for people. Dreamy Doormat Syndrome. Pisces Asc. Elsa, I send you ♥! ” @ the posters who are slinging mud~~You should not let your mood dictate your manners. Check it!!

  34. About this blog — excellent – it reminds me of a blog Elsa posted about 6mos ago re two sides to a story and that only an intelligent person realizes they’re hearing one side. I’ve felt this energy since last winter – I’ve been blamed lately for things I’ve had nothing to do w/. I’m guilty by association.

  35. Elsa~ I was re-reading those posts and I’m sorry some people feel the need to attack you like that. I admire what you do. It takes major guts to put yourself out there the way you do. I know I would be too chicken to do it simply for the reason exhibited above. I don’t think some people understand what a vulnerable position that you put yourself in by having this blog and expressing yourself so openly. And yes, people, she IS human. I find it interesting that anyone would expect their own idea of perfection to be fulfilled by you (or anyone for that matter).
    So what?! You disagree with her style? Most of us love, adore, admire her nerve and straightforward way of snapping us to attention. She is most certainly NOT a negative person, not EVER! Maybe you don’t appreciate bluntness. I LOVE it! It excites me. Straight to the point. My stellium Virgo, Sadgie moon digs it. So we agree to disagree, no name calling needed. ♥♥♥

  36. I make an effort to only make accusations if I have concrete evidence of some kind. My intuitive side can make guesses before logical facts come up, but sometimes, I’m right, sometimes, I’m wrong.

    Elsa, I think the two biggest lessons I am learning from you is to be more appreciative of other people’s uniqueness, and to really be aware of karmic law.

    And yes, I have been working hard to upgrade my behavior and expand my comfort zone. I knew that if I wanted to benefit from this website, I knew I needed to do this.

    As difficult as the Mars square Saturn and Neptune opposite Mercury and Sun transits have been lately, your practical advice has helped me deal with it a bit better than if I had not known what to do.

    People with a particular talent or gift are still human, they’re not perfection. As impressive as Voltaire was with his book “Candide”, he thought fossils were shells discarded from a picnic. It’s impossible to be great at everything.

    And it’s certainly impossible to please everybody. I had to learn that the hard way (my South node is in the 7th house, my Sun is in the 7th house, and my Mercury is in Libra, even if it’s in the 8th house).

  37. Ahhhh @elsa it’s like you’re telling my life! I feel almost vindicated as I read your words. At the very least I feel like I’m not crazy, there really is some chaotic kookiness going on that I didn’t earn and can’t defend against. Mercury in Cancer at 8 degrees, with Neptune exactly squaring my MC you can believe I’m going through some kind of confusing public hell. I can own up to what I’ve done and am more than willing to rectify my wrongs but if I haven’t done anything and I don’t care to please the people I barely know or never met who have been instructed to hate me then what am I supposed to defend?

    At any moment everything can go to hell and back and all I’d like to do is find solid ground. But in the meantime I am kind of enjoying the show, watching others get manipulated without realizing it, and waiting for the anvil to drop. Right now people don’t appreciate honesty. Its unfortunate but honestly assessing oneself involves taking responsibility for their reactions, and their transgressions. Its just too much for people to handle right now.

    All you can do is your best and even when people hate you for it, you did what you knew you had to do. Maybe you could’ve said something better, etc. Whatever. If your intention is to serve the greater good then that’s what matters. If you can learn from whatever criticism comes out (even if it means learning what to ignore) then that’s even better.

    • Thanks, Cici.
      I have new ideas around this now…and have written a post to load later this week about them. So it’s kind of cool that you find this now.

      • Looking forward to it! Tbh, I’ve been searching everywhere to make sense of Mercury square Uranus. There’s a lot of energy on my mercury & my 3rd house so i’m thankful I can turn to your old posts. Lol natal mercury rx and i’m into using the past to understand my present and potential future.

  38. I couldn’t add to the forum just yet but you’re right. “It’s the people you can count on and call on when times are hard that matter, whoever they may be.” In a way I am quite relieved to know exactly who I have and who I don’t have on my side. Actually I got a supportive yet totally unrelated call the moment I read that. I’m a crab, so of course I can hold a grudge but I’m a moon-uranus crab so I learned early on about letting go.
    Actually, I link this lesson to the eclipse series last month that had a similar vibe 20 years ago. I’m not spending another 20yrs on this. I’m ok. I have zero hatred or contempt for anyone, but I am learning to stop letting other people decide who I am or who I have to be for them. I have a ton of uranus for crying outloud. I am not going to be an easy person to understand, I won’t often fit in, but my people will find me and I will use my life to ease suffering in others.

    All this energy is meant to chisel me into someone strong enough to live my purpose. You already clearly understand that and are well prepared 🙂

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